A storm drain is an important part of a city’s infrastructure. It helps to keep the streets and sidewalks clear of rainwater and melted snow. Storm drains play an important role in preventing flooding, and they help protect the environment by diverting water away from rivers and other bodies of water. Let’s learn more about these amazing members of society!

What is a Storm Drain?

A storm drain is an underground pipe system that collects and transports rainwater and melted snow away from populated areas. The water is then directed to natural bodies of water or nearby streams so it can be naturally filtered before returning to the environment.

Typically, storm drains come in a variety of shapes and sizes, depending on the needs of a particular city or area. For example, a large city with a more complex stormwater system would require larger pipes, while a small town might only need smaller pipes.

What is the Purpose of a Storm Drain?

Storm drains are important for many reasons; firstly, they protect populated areas from flooding by diverting excess water away from streets and homes. Additionally, this excess water can be collected and treated with filtering systems. The filtered water is then often used for other purposes such as watering parks, gardens, and lawns. Storm drains also help to prevent pollutants from entering rivers and streams, thus preserving the environment and natural habitats.

Storm drains also help to prevent sewage overflow, which can contaminate surrounding areas with hazardous waste. By redirecting the excess water, storm drains ensure that contaminated substances stay out of bodies of water where they could damage local ecosystems.

What are the Benefits of Storm Drains?

As we’ve seen, the primary benefit of storm drains is that they help reduce flooding in densely populated areas. By diverting excess water away from urban areas, storm drains can prevent costly and potentially dangerous situations from occurring.

Furthermore, storm drains protect the environment by directing the water to natural bodies of water, ensuring that any pollutants or contaminants don’t seep into the groundwater supply.

By installing storm drains, homeowners can also rest assured knowing that their homes are less likely to suffer from floods and water damage. Also, proper storm drain installation can reduce erosion that can occur due to flooding.

Finally, storm drains can be used to divert water away from areas where it is not needed and toward areas where it would be beneficial. For instance, storm drains can be used to divert water away from a homeowner’s yard and toward a garden or other areas where the water would be used effectively.

Important Features of a Storm Drain

Often, storm drains are connected to a sewer system that carries away excess water and prevents flooding. The size of the drain depends on the amount of rainfall the area receives. It is important to have the drain properly sized and installed to prevent flooding, or even worse, backflow of water into the home.

There are many important features to a storm drain, and gaskets and check valves are two of them. A gasket is a ring of rubber or metal that seals the drain and prevents water from seeping through the pipe – companies like gulfrubber.com.au specialise in these products. Check valves are used to control water flow and prevent backflow into the home.

Other important features include silt traps, which slow down the water flow rate, and debris screens that help to keep sediment out of the system.

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