What is the purpose of the wine bottle color?

There are many different wine bottle colors out there, but what is the purpose of each one? Do they all serve the same function, or are some bottles meant for specific types of wine? In this blog post, we will explore the different wine bottle colors and discuss what each one signifies. Stay tuned to learn more!


The color of wine bottles is the result of two factors: the type of wine being stored and the region in which it was produced. Generally, darker-colored bottles are traditionally used for red wine while lighter colors are used for white wine. This is because red wines tend to have a higher tannin content and therefore benefit from darker bottles that block out light and protect the wine from oxidation.

Bordeaux bottle

Traditionally, red wines from Bordeaux, France are stored in dark green bottles. This is because green was the color of choice for 17th-century wine merchants in the region, and it has since become synonymous with Bordeaux wines.

Burgundy bottle

Wines from the Burgundy region of France are often stored in lighter-colored bottles, typically a shade of brown or amber. This is due to the fact that these wines tend to have lower tannin levels and therefore do not require as much protection from light.

Champagne bottle

Sparkling wine from the Champagne region of France is stored in dark green or black bottles, known as “Champagne bottles.” This is because the secondary fermentation process used to create sparkling wine requires a strong bottle that can withstand pressure.

The purpose of colors

As we can see, the purpose of wine bottle color is primarily to protect and preserve the wine inside. Darker-colored bottles are used for red wines with high tannin levels and lighter colors are used for white wines or those with lower tannins. However, it is important to note that a wine’s region and production process can also play a role in determining the bottle color. So next time you see a wine bottle, take a moment to consider its color and what it may signify about the wine inside. If you arelloking for bottles for your wines and spirit, you can click here to visit their website.

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