Most people immediately think of drunk driving when impaired driving comes up. But in reality, one of the most typical types of driving impairment is truck driver fatigue, which can be much more deadly if it results in dozing at the wheel. In reality, it’s comparable to drunk driving.

Even though anybody can drive while fatigued, professional truck drivers are more susceptible than others. Many truck drivers put in long hours during the day and at night and frequently feel under pressure to keep going even when they are mentally and physically fatigued. Unfortunately, the results of their sleepy driving can be tragic.

What do you do if you suspect fatigue driving caused your truck accident? 

Save proof of truck driver fatigue.

Even after a catastrophic car accident, drowsy drivers rarely admit to falling asleep behind the wheel. Act swiftly to preserve crucial evidence if you believe that a commercial driver was operating a vehicle while fatigued.

Your truck accident attorney should gather the following details as soon as possible:

  • Hours of service for the driver logbooks or data from electronic logging devices (ELDs)
  • GPS and dashcam data that record the seconds before and after the collision
  • Surveillance video from surrounding businesses
  • Records from a credit card and a cell phone could show how many breaks the truck driver took that day
  • Eyewitness accounts

Experienced truck accident attorneys can occasionally reconstruct the collision with forensic specialists, engineers, and other experts. They can pinpoint all the contributing elements that led to your injuries, including driver fatigue, distracted driving, or even drunk driving.

The likelihood that this information will be accessible decreases with time, though. For instance, trucking firms are only required to keep ELD information and hours-of-service logs for six months. These documents may be destroyed after that, which would harm your ability to pursue a personal injury lawsuit.

Mention it to the officer

When the police or another law enforcement officer arrives to make a report on the accident, first mention these signs to them. Police reports can show that you were concerned about driver fatigue at the scene, even though they don’t provide convincing proof of fatigue.

Look past the tired driver when it comes to fault.

After a truck collision (or any auto accident), most people tend to place the responsibility squarely on the driver. Other parties, most notably the trucking business, may occasionally be held accountable. If the truck driver was an employee, the employer is vicariously responsible for the trucker’s negligence.

Speak to a truck accident attorney

It’s wise to speak with a reliable truck accident attorney if you or a close person was hurt or even died in the collision. Truck accidents have complicated root causes that frequently require investigation. One of the causes that have to be looked into is driver fatigue. A lawyer and the related investigative team can look into driver fatigue using various techniques, such as the ones listed above.


It’s best to take the right steps after a fatigued driving-related truck accident to ensure a favorable aftermath.

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