Chainsaws are very powerful tools and you definitely need to take cautious measures before using them. These machines are not built to cut material but they also have the capability of removing things along with their high speed. So safety must be ensured before having contact with chainsaws.

Otherwise, the results can be very dangerous and cause serious injuries. A chainsaw owner has three lines of guard: schooling, great technique, and the third one is personal protective equipment (PPE). At the point when the initial two fizzle, PPE can save your life.

  • Safety Tips before Cutting:
  • Keep the saw in a strong grasp with two hands, and don’t overreach – don’t cut above shoulder level or with your arms outstretched.
  • Keep the saw near your body, and keep your elbow locked. Grasp the handle appropriately by putting your thumb around the rear of it.
  • Ensure your chainsaw is very much maintained. 
  • Test the brake each time you operate the saw, and apply the brake as you move from the starting point to the site where you will utilize the saw.
  • Ensure that there are no power or phone lines that could be impacted by falling branches or trees.
  • Make sure that your chain is sharp. The dull chain can cause kickbacks.
  • Try not to utilize the chainsaw from a ladder. In case a ladder is required you ought to get a prepared tree specialist to finish the work.
  • While cutting a branch from beneath, initially make a cut into it from a higher place, then, at that point, slice from underneath to meet your most memorable cut.

The chainsawguru website is home to discussing the use of these power tools within safety limits. Explore it further to know what kind of safety you would need before operating a chainsaw.

Personal Protection Equipment:

You should ensure that you have appropriate apparel and defensive equipment. It’s certainly worth purchasing a chainsaw cap, with facial covering and ear protectors. A ton of wounds and cuts are brought about by sharp wood chips flying at high speed toward the face. You additionally need gloves – these ought to be sufficiently thick to safeguard your hands, but not so thick that you can’t move your fingers to utilize the controls.

Regardless of whether it’s a hot day, make sure that you are wearing the extreme, hard-wearing dress that covers however much of your body as could be expected. Expert chainsaw defensive dress is accessible, yet at any rate, you ought to be wearing thick pants, expert chainsaw boots, or steel toe-covered boots and a coat that will safeguard your arms and torso.

1.     Head Protection:

A hard cap safeguards the head from falling flotsam and jetsam, like appendages and branches, and from injury because of hits against low-hanging objects. The shell of the hard cap is regularly made of a high-thickness thermoplastic that is sturdy and impervious to falling trash and effects.

A hard cap ought to have three parts: shell, suspension, and jaw strap. These parts should be appropriately working, liberated from harm or imperfections, and appropriately worn by the client. Try not to create ventilation holes into the shell of a hard cap that was not made with them. A few hard caps are planned by makers to have ventilation ports; they can cause the entrance of some debris through these holes.

2.     Eyes Protection:

You should wear safety glasses or goggles to keep flying debris and driftwood from entering your eyes. Eye security ought to influence safe and proposition assurance on all sides.

You should keep protective glasses clean and apply an anti-mist covering to lessen hazing and the compulsion to eliminate and cut without glasses.

3.     Ears Protection:

Gas-controlled chainsaws work at a sound degree of 110 decibels, which causes harm to your ears if delayed exposure happens. To relieve hearing harm, wear hearing security at whatever point the saw is inactivity. Since most chainsaws work at 110 decibels, or more, hearing security ought to surpass a 25-decibel decrease. Two OK types of hearing insurance are earplugs and ear covers. You can use earplugs or earmuffs for this purpose.

4.     Legs Protection:

Legs Protection

You need to wear leg security consistently while working with a chainsaw. The most well-known type of leg security is cut-safe chaps, regularly named chainsaw chaps. It is essential to comprehend that this style of chaps isn’t cut-proof; it doesn’t kill all dangers to legs but decreases the potential for injury.

While a moving chain interacts with the chaps, it effectively cuts the outside layer while the inward strands pull out and tangle the drive sprocket. This rapidly and actually eases back or totally stops the moving chain.

While wearing the chaps make sure that the Chaps should fit closely with all straps associated, in addition to the hip tie. In case every one of the straps is not safely clasped, the moving chain might actually haul the chaps far removed, uncovering your leg. Chaps ought to likewise reach out down to the highest point of your foot.

5.     Foot Protection:

Boots with a composite or steel toe and a nonslip sole are a protected decision. Tree climbers might favor lighter footwear. Make certain to break new boots in prior to working in them. Many slicing circumstances imply hazards to feet and lower legs, whether from missing the objective or staggering. Always wear weighty work boots or shoes with high lower leg support while working a chainsaw. steel or safety-toed boots will additionally shield your toes from being cut by the saw or squashed by weighty trash. 

6.     Hands Protection:

Although not needed while operating a chainsaw, hand security is prescribed to safeguard hands from scraped spots, cuts, and burns. Gloves likewise can help you grasp and control the saw better. Cut-safe gloves are economically accessible however are unbending and can make it hard to work a saw while wearing them.


Chainsaws can cause  serious, dangerous injuries that is why safety and wellbeing should be ensured as a priority before starting to work with this powerful tool. However, the recommended personal protection equipment is a complete package to ensure this safety and it must be worn, maintained and replaced if needed at time. 

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