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Why is call center software better than a PBX solution?

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Are you unsure if PBX or Cloud call centre solutions will meet your business’s needs? The answer is contingent on the size of your company.

A PBX solution has limited capabilities and is only appropriate for small enterprises. However, when it comes to scaling up, cloud-based call centre software easily outperforms a PBX solution. We will explain how but first, let’s go through the fundamentals.

What is a PBX solution?

Private Branch Exchange (PBX) is a private telephone network that allows users to communicate.

A PBX oversees the routing and sophisticated calling features for largely inbound calls and operates a company’s internal telephone network.

What is call centre software?

A call centre software helps improve the efficacy and efficiency of a call centre by simplifying interactions between customers and contact centre personnel. Call centre software’s main purpose is to route customer calls to agents, allowing them to make more productive outbound calls.

Also assists in tracking and reporting critical metrics associated with such interactions. It’s may also route contacts across channels such as email, chat, SMS, social media, and more. Also facilitates the recording of interactions between consumers and agents and the use of customer satisfaction survey tools.

6 Reasons Why Call Center Software is Superior to a PBX System.

Now that you know what the best call centre software and PBX solution can provide you. Let’s look at what you should do for your company. Here are the 6 key differences between call centre software and PBX solutions and why the former is preferable.

1. Integration

Cloud call centre solutions allow you to connect numerous customer outreach channels like SMS, phone, social media, CRMs, chatbots, and so much more.

This improves the client experience and provides your agents with a full picture of the customer. A multi-channel dashboard can be coupled with the virtual contact centre solution to provide a clear view of client interactions across all channels.

2. Improved Productivity and FCR Rate

A virtual call centre solution is more intelligent than a traditional PBX system. Call centre software includes smart capabilities to improve agent productivity and first-call resolution rates.

It has advanced routing techniques that make it simple to administer intricate routing rules including skill-based routing, routing based on agent location, and other factors.

Whisper coaching, sophisticated  IVR, and auto attendants are among the advanced agent assistance features available. As a result, customers can contact the appropriate representative immediately and get their issues fixed in an instant.

3. Economic Efficiency

A dedicated specialist is required to upkeep and operate PBX systems. To keep it going, you’ll need full-time staff.

Starting a contact centre with a PBX system might cost a firm anything from a couple of hundreds per user in up-front fees. And that’s before you factor in deployment and installation charges.

Call centre software eliminates large upfront investment or setup charges. With call centre software, businesses also benefit from significant cost savings in various areas.

4. Advanced Customer Problem Solving

Businesses require advanced escalation features because of the intricate contact with customers.

Call escalation capabilities in traditional PBX systems are restricted. On the other hand, call centre software provides sophisticated escalation tools to a company. Because of the following factors, organizations can provide an outstanding customer experience. Customers prefer fast responses and low wait times instead of waiting for answers.

When live agents are unavailable, you can provide them with a variety of choices, such as interactive and automatic voice response, as well as ticketing.

An effective cloud call centre software includes all of the capabilities of a PBX solution, such as call queues, queue call back options, interactive IVR, custom music, and on-hold messaging.

Customers appreciate it when their issues are resolved quickly. When live operators are unavailable, the process is slowed by escalating the complaint about numerous channels, issuing tickets, and providing additional options.

5. Call Distribution via Automate (ACD)

Customers are dissatisfied when they cannot locate the appropriate employee to resolve their issue. You can swiftly connect your consumers with the right agents using call centre software.

Cloud-based call centre software relies on Automatic Call Distribution (ACD). A cloud call centre can direct calls to agents based on several criteria.

Furthermore, distinct queues for different campaigns can be maintained. Calls can be routed to certain agents based on the caller’s preferences using the sticky agent function.

6. Scale-up Without Extra Costs

If you’re growing your company, it’s only natural that the number of people working for you will grow as well.

Traditional PBX systems can only support a limited number of phones and lines from a single central location. The cost can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. They also have a restricted number of lines, usually between 10 and 32.

As a result, if the size of your firm grows, you will be required to pay for more phones and lines. This isn’t a feasible alternative.

You may scale up or down depending on your needs with call centre software without having to buy any new equipment or pay for any additional services.


To summarize, if you are a small firm with a growing workforce and do not need to analyze different metrics or conduct outbound calls, a PBX system is a good choice. However, there will be greater upfront charges, and you will have to pay more as your staff grows.

Regardless of the size or nature of your company, call centre software must be implemented.

Contact Aavaz FreePBX, one of the market’s best call centres solution providers. You can get advanced customizable call centres telephony solutions to stay ahead of your competitors at reasonable prices.


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