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Why Should You Definitely Visit Kabini for Your Next Holiday?

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In this urban world, you might seek tranquillity and peaceful nature. Have you ever spotted a herd of elephants simply swim across the river? You have no idea how attractive sight it can be that you can enjoy in Kabini! 

It is time that you considered a fulfilling and relaxing weekend getaway to this place.  You can ensure your comfortable stay at evolve back kabini resort and ensure that you have a luxurious stayover during your holiday. Remember kabini is a sure paradise for animal as well as nature lovers. A gusty three-hour drive from Bengaluru, with small villages and plantations on either side of the path or road, Kabini has endless pleasures and leisure’s to offer the visitors and tourists.

What to know about Kabini?

Once a well-known hunting area for British viceroys as well as Maharaja of Mysore, Kabini is considered as one of the finest wildlife sanctuaries in Karnataka. The Kabini River is one of the most well-known rivers in South India. It is originating in Wayanad District of Kerala State, simply flowing eastward to blend up with the state of Karnataka. This babbling water streams gives birth to most of the stunning and gorgeous reservoir and backwaters.

Ah, gifted with an exquisite landscape as well as natural scenic beauty, Kabini is a definitely year-round destination and fascinate tourists from every nook and corner of the universe. Jungle Safari is one of the most well-known and enjoyed tourist attractions in Kabini to get a sight of different facets of wildlife as well as plant life species.

If you are looking for some of the best and most wonderful Kabini places to visit then this post would get you some of the top tourist attractions in Kabini that are going to leave your mind rejuvenated and hearts charmed forever. These spots in the realm of Kabini will leave you in awe and motivate the traveller within you. However, before that, have a look at some of the things that you should do when in Kabini.

Things to Do in Kabini

Here are a few quick things that you should definitely do in Kabini.

Take a Boat Safari

A trip out on the river is ideal for spotting birds. Take a quick boat safari in the evening, that expands for nearly three hours, and see Crested Eagle Malabar Pied Hornbill amidst other types of birds. Make sure that you are carrying along with a camera with a zoom lens to capture the perfect moments.

Visit Coffee and Spice Estates 

Kutta, a tiny town that falls in the area of Kabini, is home to pretty coffee, spice, and splendid paddy estates. Tranquil and serene, the lavish green plantations are wonderful for nature walks too.

Drive to Iruppu Falls 

You know in the realm of the Brahmagiri Range, Iruppu Falls is a sixty-metre high waterfall having Rameshwar Temple on its beautiful banks. A well-known pilgrim and tourist spot, this area is circled by paddy fields.

Relish a Jungle Safari 

Ah, an early morning jeep safari at the Nagarhole National Park is definitely an experience you cannot simply afford to miss! Leopard, deer, bison, Malabar giant squirrel at each turn, you get a possibility to see wildlife in its natural locale.

Places to visit in Kabini 

Have a look below and you would know what type of places you are going to explore and experience during your upcoming holiday to Kabini. 

Nagarhole: One of the world’s finest breeding grounds for wild Asian Elephants

Even known as Rajiv Gandhi National Park, Nagarhole is one of the world’s finest breeding grounds for wild Asian Elephants. Wrapped by thick dense forest and decorated with mesmerizing valleys and waterfalls, Nagarhole National Park even shelters Indian bison, four-horned antelopes, that of porcupine, gaurs, hyenas, and many other animal species. You can even catch sight of India’s rarest bird species such as Malabar pied hornbills, white-backed vultures, Malabar trogons, and the crested hawk eagles.

Other than this, Nagarhole National Park is even laciniate by tropical vegetation and extensive plantation of trees like Rosewood, teak, sandalwood, and even silver oak. Spreading across 247 miles, this extensive national park is part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve and is one of the must-visit wildlife reserves in the country. If you are planning a holiday to this place then Nagarhole National Park should definitely be top on the list of the great places to wtiness in Kabini.

Kabini River: Spend a tranquil time 

This famous Kabini River is a prime source for boating along the backwaters for a total dreamlike experience. Boating down the Kabini River is a sure treat for eyes with jaw-dropping picturesque views in the backdrop. The visual sight of a couple of animals strolling around the forest, the altering hues in the skies, and the birds flying back to their nests is completely phantastic.

The soothing and calming sound of the gleaming waters accompanied with the refreshing views makes overall boating in Kabini River an ideal itinerary amongst travellers looking for a laid-back type of evening. Kabini River is surely one of the finest possible spots to visit in Kabini Karnataka. Remember that coracle rides are also absolutely popular here to be relished with your loved ones. Of course, whether with friends, family, or partners; the experience would be contenting.

Rameshwara Temple: Take Blessings Of Lord Shiva

Rameshwara Temple is one of the premium and the best places to visit in Kabini. It is situated on the banks of the Lakshmana Tirtha River; the temple has Lord Shiva as its prime idol. It is stayed by a large number of devotees on the event of Shivaratri. If you are a spiritual person then you cannot miss out on visiting this spiritually rich space. You would get really refined spiritual vibes at this place.


To sum up, go ahead and ensure Comfortable stay at evolve back kabini and ensure that you explore every place of Kabini and involve in all the refreshing and beautiful activities there.

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