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Worried About Expensive Aftermarket Wheels? Here’s How Audio City USA Can Help You!

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Ask anyone remotely interested in the aftermarket wheels’ segment what the biggest stumbling block for someone entering this niche is, and the answer will be the prohibitive price tags.

It is pretty well known that custom wheels and tires can be extremely expensive. And for good reason too, considering how much labor goes into the manufacturing of a set of unique wheels that will fit only one vehicle.

Just one.

How, therefore, has the custom rims and aftermarket tires market expanded so rapidly – especially in the last 2 decades?

The answer to that is the increasing instances of wheel financing opportunities.

Financing helps people who may be at a slight financial disadvantage to borrow the sum required to purchase the equipment or spares he needs (rims for trucks, for example) and repay the amount over time. All the agreements and paperwork are finished in advance.

Think of it this way. You have just checked out the latest supersized LED TV that costs a pretty penny, but you do not have the money to buy it right then and there!

What do you do? You simply ask the retailer what types of financing options they offer, go through them, and choose a specific scheme. 

This is what wheel financing is when it comes to the automobile industry.

Like all aspects, financing options depend on the retailer you are purchasing from. If you are fond of changing your vehicle’s custom wheels and tires at regular intervals, you must surely have heard about Audio City USA, one of California’s largest and oldest retailers of tires, wheels, running boards, lift kits, and plenty more.

It has been in continuous operation since 1989 (making it over 30 years old) and has gone from strength to strength. Audio City USA stores an amazing variety of aftermarket rims across categories and ships goods across the country. 

Oh, and it also offers a lowest price challenge! That’s pretty rare in such a competitive atmosphere.

3 reasons why you should patronize Audio City USA

Here are 3 reasons why people trust Audio City USA when it comes to purchasing their most crucial automotive requirements.

Impressive inventory: At Audio City USA, you will find the best brands at the lowest prices. Regardless of the vehicle you are driving, you will have brands to match your style. Our experts will help you choose wisely.

The trust of hundreds of people: From purchasing Off road wheels to other vehicles, you have the best brands at your disposal. It is no wonder why there are so many people who swear by the services offered by this retailer. 

One-click purchase: This is one outlet that understands that not everyone can drive down to their center and pick a set of their choice. Therefore, they have a superbly structured and very detailed website. Simply type in a few details which are necessary for your purchase and you will have a list of rims that match your car.

Place the order and you are all set!

Audio City USA’s wheel financing options

Tie up with Progressive Leasing—leading FinTech company headquartered in Utah. One of the biggest and most trusted lease-purchase solutions providers. More than 30,000 businesses across the United States use their services.

Industry-leading ‘lease-to-own’ scheme: Unlike their competitors, Audio City USA does not believe in credit transactions, nor does it believe in arranging for loans. The ‘lease-to-own’ program is also called ‘lease-purchase’, and the entire financing process is arranged by Progressive Leasing. 

It is one of the biggest and most reliable financing partners. When you try out the lease-purchase method, the sum required will be paid by the corporation and Audio City USA will deliver the goods to you. 

Zero credit required: You can simply walk in through the front door and walk out with a brand-new set of custom wheels and tires! Do note that Progressive Leasing does make a cursory check of your credit ratings. Fortunately, almost all applications are approved and this is a major boon for people who wish to have the latest model of Fuel or Method Wheels in their arsenal!

Instant approvals: Your time is valuable. The retail outlet knows that, and it will take just over 5 minutes to determine if you are eligible for the wheel financing options available. This involves a few financial calculations that are performed by experts who know the system very well.

You will know in just a few minutes whether you are eligible for the financing options that are available.

90-day purchase options on offer: This is another offer that Audio City USA provides. It is in great demand and you will get all the details on their website. If you can pay off the outstanding amount in 90 days (3 months), you can actually avail lower rates!

Flexible payment schedules: Choose when you are paying for the products in consultation with the retailer.

For more information on the financial angle, please call 888.814.1158 today!

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