The COVID-19 pandemic has been met with all kinds of misinformation. A better part of this pandemic has seen people exposed to misguiding information regarding vaccination and wearing masks. Despite all these challenges, health officials have remained adamant about giving the correct public information. Similarly, manufacturers such as BNX have endeavored to deliver top-quality N95 mask Amazon that keeps you safe. 

There are many types of masks, but the N95 ranks as the one with the most effective protection. Reusable cloth masks were recommended until recently, when COVID-19 variants started emerging and proved to get past most surgical and cloth masks. Here is a look at key things that your doctor would tell you about wearing the mask. 

#1: Only use NIOSH-approved N95 masks

Before you can get any further with your mask, you first want to ensure that it is legit. The entity authorized by the CDC to certify N95 mask is called NIOSH. Any N95 masks that you buy should meet the requirements set by National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) if it is to protect. 

An N95 masks that meets NIOSH requirements has the approval number and would likely carry a NIOSH-approved number. Such a mask has been tested on key things like breathability and protection efficiency.

#2: Counter-check the NIOSH approval number

The fact that an N95 mask is labeled as NIOSH-approved does not mean the entity actually approves it. You have an obligation as the user to confirm the mask you bought is genuinely approved. Such a mask will have passed NIOSH’s strict performance and quality assurance requirements. 

The easiest way to confirm the NIOSH number printed on the N95 masks is to check it under NIOSH Certified Equipment List (CEL). The approval number printed on the respirator can also be found on this platform, and you can search for a mechanism for counterchecking. If the number is unavailable on CEL, it means it is not genuine and the product hasn’t been certified. Do not use such a mask.

#3: Properly fitting mask

Your doctor would like you to know that your mask is effective only if you wear it well. Proper wearing means it fits around your mouth and nose without gaps through which air can pass. The whole idea of putting on an N95 is so that you do not directly inhale airborne particles without them getting filtered. The respirator loses meaning if you allow air to pass on the sides of your mouth and nose. 

Use the wearing guideline of your mask to ensure that it fits correctly. One band strap should be at the back of the head and the other at the neck’s back. The mask should also be well-secured on the nose. 

Even as you put on the well-fitted mask, you should take care not to reuse it unnecessarily. High-risk individuals should stick to one-time use. Where reusing is unavoidable, do not go past five reuses at different times.

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