Online Commerce Business continues to expand, and entrepreneurs look for the perfect niche to break into. Plenty of options are available if you’ve been on the hunt for a business opportunity with an existing customer base that allows you to carve out your own unique space. 

From beauty tools to subscription boxes, we’re highlighting five innovative marketplaces where you can turn an idea into a business that delivers original products or services straight to customers’ doorsteps. 

What is a commerce Niche?

A Commerce Business niche is an area of online business focusing on a particular product or service. This could be specialized merchandise from clothes and electronics to home repair and auto detailing services. Commerce niches have gained in popularity due to the ease of setting up a website, either with a design template or from scratch, and collecting customer payments. 

It also allows businesses to build relationships with customers without opening physical storefronts, reduce overhead costs and provide personalized service for each customer. High-risk merchant accounts for more processing fees in order to compensate for the risk that the processing company is taking on.

Vegan cosmetics

Vegan makeup and cosmetics are an excellent instance of a secondary market already in the context of a more significant market that isn’t worthwhile to create a brand new website, product, or Commerce Business around.

In the picture of Google Trends below, you can see that this trend is an uphill climb, but it also shows how important it is to conduct your own research “vegan makeup” appears to help you in your research on “vegan makeup.”

Subscription boxes are in abundance

Subscription boxes increased just a few years ago. They provide anything from natural feminine products to various teas every month. The appeal of this kind of product is due to its subscription-based nature and based on subscriptions. You can lock your customers to sign up for six months of annual offers, which generates an ongoing revenue stream for your business. 

One piece of advice I’ve got in this article is to ensure you remember the current customers while trying to get new ones. It’s much more challenging to attract new customers than keep existing ones. In the picture below, you can understand how important it is to study the various possible areas in this market.

Handmade Jewelry

Handmade jewelry is a cherished market. However, when you examine the Google Trends chart below, you will see that it has been steady for quite a while. This is why you have to go further and focus on specific items such as bracelets and statement necklaces. Set yourself apart from your competitors by focusing on a particular. This is also ideal for looking into websites such as Etsy for ideas.

Artisanal Pet Food

Pets aren’t just loyal pets. They’re also big business. As per the American Pet Products Association, US pet owners spent a record-breaking $199 billion on their pets in 2020, which covered everything from food to vet treatment. Pet spending in the UK has increased each year between 2005 through 2019, nearly three times as much in that time. We are pet lovers and happy to spend money on them. 

However, “pet items” is a large market. How do we narrow it? We all want our pets to be fed healthy and lead long, healthy, and happy lives. This makes premium organic pet food an e-commerce niche that could be very lucrative.

Alternative Milk

The whole subject of veganism is a hot issue. Take as an example the UK as an illustration. Between 2014 and 2019, the number of vegans doubled to 600,000. Additionally, some non-vegans are interested in decreasing their animal product intake. For example, 15 percent of UK consumers claim to have reduced their consumption of eggs and dairy products during the coronavirus epidemic. 

In addition, they’re not just cutting dairy entirely but are looking for alternatives. These alternatives can lead to opportunities. One of these possibilities is alternative milk. Almond milk has been voted the most popular milk substitute. However, almonds are only one drop (of milk) in the ocean. Many milk alternatives allow retailers to narrow their focus even more.

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