Often, people who begin hosting their websites or host low-traffic / small-scale websites tend to pick Windows shared hosting. This is because shared Windows server hosting is the most effective & feasible web hosting solution. It enables you to obtain high-grade web hosting benefits  & flexible features to host your website at the cheapest possible price.

Further, the essential thing you must acquire for your website with Windows shared web hosting is the SSL certificate. An SSL certificate is one of the advanced data security measures that every business website must implement. With this guide, you will obtain all the required insights into SSL certificates & Windows shared Web hosting. Dip into the sections below & acquire all the details.

What is an SSL certificate?

An SSL certificate is one of a kind of digital certificate. Any individual, organization, or entity can buy this certificate for their websites. An SSL certificate enables a connection between a web browser & web hosting server, which is completely safe & secure. The SSL certificate assures this kind of protection by hooking a cryptographic key to the detailed information of an entity. Moreover, it consists of the details including, the date of the expiration, the digital signature of the certificate-issuing authority, the certificate holder’s name, the serial number of the certificate, etc. This further ascertains the website and provides proof to the users that a website is actually the website it asserts to be. Basically, the SSL certificate confirms that the website is exactly what it states it is.

How to Know That Your Windows Shared Web hosting Comes with an SSL Certificate?

How to Know That Your Windows Shared Web hosting Comes with an SSL Certificate?

When you host your website with Windows shared Web hosting that involves an SSL certificate, your website’s URL address consists of “HTTPS.” Basically, you will know whether your Windows shared web hosting includes an SSL certificate or not by seeing whether your website’s URL address has changed from “HTTP” to “HTTPS” or not.

“HTTPS” is fundamentally a hybrid of HTTP & SSL where the “S” implies “Secure”. Many web browsers have set HTTPS to default & alert Internet users if the website they are visiting does not possess an SSL certificate. On the other hand, you can check the involvement of the SSL certificate on a website by watching out the URL of a web page on the top-left. In that corner, if you witness a padlock then it will imply that the website possesses an SSL certificate. However, if you do not catch a padlock, you can detect an exclamation spot or “Unsecure” sign.

Further, you can also click on the icon of padlock or “Unsecure” warning if you wish to know more about the website access settings, website connection, and an inventory of active cookies. In general, an entire website can be enveloped by one SSL certificate. However, it is not every time the situation with every website. So, it is a wise move for you to check the “HTTPS” status with every web page you visit.

What Does an SSL Certificate Do?

SSL certificates make the following things possible –

  • Private & secure connection between a web hosting server & client
  • Authentication of the website’s identity
  • Encryption of the information with the usage of SSL technology
  • Secure browsing session

Are SSL Certificates necessary For All Web sites?

Hosting the following kind of websites on Windows shared Web hosting must acquire an SSL certificate –

  • Online banking websites
  • Websites involving email services & facilities
  • Social networks
  • Websites requiring secure browsing sessions
  • Websites requiring unique IP addresses
  • Websites carrying or requiring sensitive details

Which Web Hosting Provider Gives a Free SSL Certificate With Windows Shared Web Hosting?

Which Web Hosting Provider Gives a Free SSL Certificate With Windows Shared Web Hosting?

Hostbillo web hosting company is one such web host that enables you to acquire a free SSL certificate with the best Windows shared web hosting plan. It is a highly compelling & award-winning web-hosting company across the globe. It is well-known for rendering the top-leading Windows shared hosting plans at the most viable price rates.

Further, with all these web hosting plans, you get the support of enterprise-grade infrastructure with resilient web technologies. The web hosting company helps you accommodate all the necessities of your website. Moreover, with the support of top-tier equipment & state-of-the-art hardware tools, your website gets the proficiency to deliver seamless performance.

Moreover, you receive the mentioned below listed excellent hosting benefits with Hostbillo’s shared Windows server hosting –

  • 24/7/365 Technical & customer support service through skilled specialists
  • 90% Uptime network with the highest network connectivity
  • Advanced web panel
  • DDoS protection with secure network channels
  • 7 Days credit back assurance
  • Free Sofculous one-click installer
  • Premium bandwidth
  • Highly scalable web resources
  • Automated data backup facility and much more.


With the shared Windows server hosting, you get the opportunity to easily & effectively host your website. You are not needed to take charge of a web hosting server. Your web host takes complete responsibility for the web hosting server, including its updates, security, maintenance, etc. Thus, you can invest your entire focus & time in growing your website. At the same time, you acquire high-grade hosting benefits & custom hosting features with the best Windows shared hosting plans. Further, at the Hostbillo web hosting company, you can obtain the most suitable & scalable plan of Windows shared web hosting as per the necessities, demands & goals of your website. Also, you can browse right away the informative website of the web hosting company to gain more knowledge about the leading yet cheapest Windows shared hosting.

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