The GBWhatsApp Pro is another version of GB WhatsApp that gives the users of the original WhatsApp to enjoy more features. There are some features that are restricted but are freely available in GB WhatsApp Pro. Also, it becomes the need for an hour for communication purposes. Let’s have a look at some more exclusive features.

What is GBWhatsApp Pro?

This is an app that provides you with a complete chat experience. It’s also fully compatible with your device. You can use GBWhatsApp Pro through your browser or as a Chrome extension (works on Windows, Mac, and Linux). The app features messages which are encrypted end to end, chat pinning, video messages, and more!

Features of the GBWhatsapp Pro:


The file-sharing feature in the original version of WhatsApp is limited but with the pro version, the file-sharing limit from WhatsApp increased. Now you can easily share files, related documents, images, and videos with other users.


The GB WhatsApp is great in terms of privacy. The Pro version of WhatsApp is more secure and privacy-oriented so you can easily use it without any problem.

Message Schedule:

In this GBWhatsApp pro version, messages can be scheduled for later send. Messages can be scheduled with the text, date, and time so they can automatically send at that particular time to the selected contacts.

Hide Writing Status:

In the Original Version of WhatsApp, The writing status shows under the contact name while in GBWhatsApp Pro Apk you can hide that status from the viewer by a simple activity in the setting.

Hide Writing Status:

In the Original Version of WhatsApp, The writing status shows under the contact name while in GBWhatsApp Pro Apk you can hide that status from the viewer by a simple activity in the setting.

Hide Stories:

Hide your personal stories from the setting and can select some specific person that you think is able to watch these stories. Further, Users have the opportunity to watch the levels and statuses of those people who are trying to hide from them. Special thing is that the user can not know that you’re watching his story.

Backup Features:

Sometimes, we lose our essential chats with simple mistakes. So, GBWhatsApp Pro provides you with a source to get back all of your essential data. No matter how much data is placed in the file that you want to backup. Also, you can get your missed pictures and videos with that feature.

Chat without Saving Number:

The Original Version of WhatsApp doesn’t allow you to chat without saving a number. So, we have various numbers that we don’t want to save on our phones. Gb Whatsapp pro download allowed us to fulfill that requirement by following the same steps that we use for saved contact.

How to Download the GBwhatsapp pro?

You only need an android device with enough space in it and fast-speed internet.

Although it’s a third-party website it will not be available in the google play store.

It is available on third-party virus-free websites so you can download it from this website.

Download the GB WhatsApp from the above link.

Allow the unknown resources from your phone administration to make it easy to download any app from the third-party website.

Open the GB WhatsApp apk file once it is downloaded.

Register your number and you are ready to use this exclusive app with all its features.


We have discussed the GB WhatsApp in detail so you can download and enjoy the exclusive features.

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