One of the most important and coveted acts of “Ibadah” among Muslims is the Umrah. This ritual can be performed at any time; every month throughout the year, as the Deen of Islam does not restrict the performance of the Umrah at any time of the year (although the Saudi government allows individual performance of the Umrah a few months before and after the Hujj).

Why do you need to know about Umrah?

Thousands of Muslims from all over the world visit Mecca in Saudi Arabia to perform their ritual of Umrah throughout the year (except for the Hujj season).

Because of the costs involved, it may not be possible for every Muslim to perform Umrah many times in their lifetime. For many pilgrims this could be a unique opportunity. Therefore, it is advisable to be well informed about the performance of Umrah once you have been chosen for this sacred performance.

If you are not familiar with all of these situations that you may encounter while performing umrah, there is a good chance that you are having trouble performing umrah. There would be many aspects that you would need to understand like guide, hotel stay, transportation services and other necessities that you should know before planning an Umrah.

A lack of basic understanding of these aspects can make Umrah challenging and difficult for you.

 Things You Need to Know About Umrah Packages

Are you worried or just worried because you are planning to go to Umrah? You don’t have to worry because we offer various Umrah packages to support our customers.

Our professional Umrah consultants take care of visas, hotels, logistics, transportation, arrival, meals, departure and almost every other aspect of an Umrah package from Pakistan deal. Where a personally arranged Umrah may prove difficult, these trips make it simple and easy for you. They would take care of all the administrative needs of your Umrah.

This is the easiest mode to perform your Umrah. All you have to do is select an Umrah package that suits your individual preferences and reserve ahead of time.

Some basic information and tips about Umrah packages

To perform umrah, many travel agencies offer various packages to make things easier for their clients. Most of the people find these Umrah packages very attractive because these packages help them to travel with ease. These travel packages save people from a number of mishaps such as hotel reservation, food, transportation and visa issuance, which otherwise could become a nightmare due to procedural complications.

There are a number of travel agencies offering various Umrah packages. However, before choosing a travel agency, you need to verify the authenticity of the travel company. We recommend researching the organization and agent before deciding on an Umrah package.

The best way to choose the Umrah travel package is to do a little survey and research the authenticity of the company. You can look at their reviews and contact these people directly to inquire about their experiences with a particular travel agency. You can find various agencies over the internet. They offer various Umrah packages, consider only those travel organizations and agents who prove to be reliable in offering Umrah travel packages. Otherwise, you can even ask your social circle for their recommendations and especially those who have been for umrah before using a specific umrah package.

You can search also: Umrah Package from Netherlands

Once you are done researching umrah agency credibility, you can plan umrah easily. For your convenience, here is some information about different umrah packages that you are likely to find on offer. Choose what best suits your budget and time. There are different travel packages, from the most comfortable (but expensive) to the very economical (cheaper fares).

The overall package usually consists of

Visa processing


Transportation in Saudi Arabia

Mediation through the travel agency

Visit historical sites in Mecca and Medina

Educational reading material in English, your native language and Arabic (presented upon request)

Besides the general Umrah packages, they offer tailor-made packages for families and individuals as well as private groups.

The packages are generally categorized into:

Budget Umrah Travel Package

Group Umrah Travel Package

Deluxe Umrah Travel Package

Ramadan Umrah Travel Packages

 Which Umrah package should I choose?

If you are planning an Umrah but are on a budget, then the budget Umrah travel packages are designed to make things easy and convenient for you.

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