The Amaryllis by Unity Group is a premier residential complex situated on New Rohtak Road in Karol Bagh. It offers spacious residences with top-class construction quality, as well as numerous recreational activities and facilities in Central Delhi.

Karol Bagh, Central Delhi’s most sought-after residential destination, boasts a prime location. Additionally, it is within close proximity to renowned schools, colleges, entertainment venues, hospitals and railway stations.

If you are looking for Luxury flats in Delhi, opt for The Amaryllis. 

Luxury living of more than 40 Acres in Central Delhi

The Amaryllis by Unity Group is an iconic residential high-rise building situated in Central Delhi. Constructed with Vastu principles, it offers 2, 3, 4 and 5 bedroom flats.

This luxurious residential complex offers the ideal combination of luxury and an unparalleled environment. Additionally, it provides a host of amenities designed to keep you active.

It features a gymnasium, children’s play area, sauna, jogger’s track and swimming pool – making it an ideal choice for families searching to purchase a home in Delhi.

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The Amaryllis is a gated community situated on 40 acres in Central Delhi. It’s close to major attractions like Connaught Place, Rashtrapati Bhawan and India Gate.

A residential property that everybody wants to have

The Amaryllis by Unity Group is the modern home of today, boasting an array of amenities like a clubhouse, swimming pool and more exclusive features and benefits. Plus, its strategic location provides easy access to major thoroughfares such as Connaught Place and Rashtrapati Bhawan.

Planning a project of this size and scope necessitates considerable effort and research to guarantee the end result is suitable for potential buyers. Fortunately, Unity Group have been in this industry for some time, proving they understand exactly what it takes to turn your dream home into reality. They offer an impressive selection of aesthetically pleasing flats and apartments suitable for all tastes. If you would like more information about their new homes then contact them today and receive your free quote – the team will be more than happy to answer all your queries and give you the best deal available!

The answer to your dream home

Are you searching for your ideal home? Look no further than Amaryllis by Unity Group – a luxurious residential complex situated in Karol Bagh.

This complex is situated in one of Delhi’s most sought-after residential areas and boasts unobstructed garden views from its maximum apartments. Furthermore, its world-class construction quality and variety of recreational activities are provided to its residents for their enjoyment.

Three mid-rise towers boast fully-finished 2/3 BHK apartments that maximize space and natural lighting while minimizing waste. Additionally, the community boasts a clubhouse, gym and swimming pool – an excellent example of convenience living combined with luxury living at an affordable price point. Making this an ideal option for anyone searching for a new apartment in Delhi.

The Amaryllis is the answer

This project, situated in a prime area of New Delhi, offers you your dream home. It’s equipped with both basic and luxury amenities and close to major city landmarks such as Connaught Place, India Gate and Rashtrapati Bhawan.

The Amaryllis is a 40-acre residential project being developed by Unity Group, who have already achieved great success with more than 100 commercial projects that have transformed Delhi’s skyline. Set to become an iconic high-rise development in this part of town near Connaught Place and Red Fort, The Amaryllis will become its own landmark.

Gianni Versace has announced a collaboration with it to develop branded homes in two 45-story towers, featuring 2,500 flats connected by an enchanting skywalk kilometer in length. Plus, these towers will boast amenities such as a splash pool, jogging track, coffee shop, library and yoga zone for added enjoyment.

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