Choose OEM or ODM Services from a Top IoT Device Manufacturing Company

Businesses understand the benefits of fleet management and supply chain cargo trackers for keeping products and profits safe. These small yet powerful gadgets provide essential data that boosts efficiency and minimizes risk for any company where logistics and transportation matters. The right IoT device manufacturing company like EELink Tech provides exactly what you need. However, we also go one step further with OEM and ODM capabilities.

OEM/ODM fleet trackers and supply chain management devices are essential tools for process optimization. They give you the ability to capture and analyze vast amounts of information that provides invaluable insights into operations. When you choose a company that has both design and manufacturing capabilities, you know you get the best products. However, you can also benefit from private label or custom equipment creation specifically targeting your company interests.

 OEM vs. ODM Differences

OEM and ODM are terms that are often used in the manufacturing industry to describe different types of production relationships between companies.

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

In an OEM relationship, the company approaches the manufacturer to produce a product according to their specification. These can also be stock designs already available from the seller. The buyer may own the device design themselves and provide it to the manufacturer, who will then produce or build it to those specifications.

Original Design Manufacturer (ODM)

For ODM, the company does not have a design already finished. The manufacturer also offers design services based on the buyer’s general requirements and needs. They have the freedom to use their accumulated skill, experience, and engineering knowledge to design the best solution for their customer. Then, they manufacture the devices in whatever quantity the buyer needs to complete the transaction. The buying company can brand these with their own information and either use them or sell them as their own product.

When your company chooses a top IoT device manufacturing company like EELink, you get the best of both worlds. The possibilities for more than just accurate and reliable supply chain or fleet tracking grow even more. Your choice of OEM or ODM services make it possible to expand your business interests or get complete design and manufacturing projects completed with the highest level of expertise and quality control.

The OEM or ODM Process Explained

Multiple essential steps go into every design and manufacturing project we undertake. It all starts with an in-depth conversation and exploration of the client company’s needs and goals. For the IoT tracking devices. What capabilities do they need and what data points do you want collected? We explore existing options from our vast line of tracker products to see if any of those will suit your expectations. If not, our team begins the process of designing and developing a bespoke device from scratch.

IoT Device Manufacturing Company Options

When your company needs any type of tracking devices, it makes sense to go with a company that has the experience and expertise necessary to both design and build them for you. Single supplier services mean fewer risks and chance for mistakes or miscommunications. This pertains to both OEM and ODM services. Whether you simply need bulk manufacturing or custom design options unique to your brand.

  • Collect all details of your IoT device needs and wants
  • Discuss the requirements and interests in depth
  • Create a design and manufacturing schedule and price quote
  • Design begins with physical gadget mold, firmware programming, and PCB options
  • The customer confirms acceptance at every step along the way
  • Samples are tested, modified as needed, and final production agreed upon
  • Final confirmation leads to mass manufacturing and completion of the order

The process differs slightly based on customer needs and interests, but every project includes full design, engineering, and building of the devices to exacting specifications. We handle PCBA and mechanism design, prototype development, API and mobile access app development, and more.

A Diverse Range of Tracking Device Options

Businesses and other organizations use IoT tracking devices for a variety of reasons. Some keep an eye on cargo’s movement through the supply chain while others manage fleets of company vehicles or rented equipment. Whether OEM and bulk manufacturing of existing devices suits your needs, or you require ODM with private label design services, the unique capabilities must function reliably and without time delays or data loss. Privacy and security are two of the most important characteristics of any data collection and transmission device.

What type of data can the custom IoT trackers provide? Options include standard GPS locations, temperature and humidity for cold chain needs, tilt and tip sensors, shock and impact detection, light exposure, and more. All these are tracked using WiFi, Bluetooth, or other connectivity options with the latest onboard security options available.

Cargo and supply chain trackers offer a range of benefits for businesses in different industries. Some of these include real-time tracking of cargo containers, products, and vehicles. This allows you to keep track of where deliveries are and if there are any delays. The improved visibility helps you prioritize efforts and respond to potential issues before they cause problems. They also boost security by alerting you to unexpected movements or open door issues on cargo containers or trucks. Overall, these things improve customer service experience for the recipient of the shipment and protect your bottom line. Increased efficiency throughout the supply chain leads to reduced costs and more profit for your brand.

It All Comes Down to What Your Company Needs

What are you looking for when it comes to IoT device design and manufacturing? When you choose an experienced and skilled team to handle OEM or ODM services for you, the end result provides exactly what you need. Options range from simple trackers that provide essential supply chain data to customized solutions branded with your information. Contact EELink to discuss your unique project needs today.

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