Very often people wait until the last moment when the pain is just so insufferable to go and see a back specialist. If we don’t listen to the warning signs our body gives us, we might end up experiencing far worse people. Back pain varies from person to person, and there isn’t a single person on the globe who hasn’t experienced some form of back pain. Since you should never leave anything for granted, especially your health, here are some unavoidable warning signs that would make you see a back doctor.

Undeniable pain after home remedies

Whether you have felt the constant pain after a week or a month, if the pain doesn’t go away with some home treatment, creams, medicaments, or massages, you have to see a doctor. The persistent or chronic pain can vary for up to three months, but if the pain is consistent and doesn’t seem to get affiliated no matter what you did, you must go for professional help. The pain might be unimportant at first glance, however, if it doesn’t persist past six weeks, you might need to get specialized treatments. The back specialist will know exactly whether it is a slipped disc, muscle or ligament strain, or maybe osteoarthritis, or some other underlying issue, and prescribe the right treatment.

Persistent and increasing pain

Persistent pain is never a good sign. Every type of pain requires attention and care from a professional who can exactly pinpoint the cause and remedy. When you start experiencing persistent pain in your back which is hard to ignore no matter how many home remedies you have tried, you must seek help. What’s more, back pain is usually the symptom of something much more severe, so when a spine specialist examines you, he may discover that your back problem was the cause of a brain tumour. In such cases, it’s vital to find expert brain tumours surgeons to solve the persistent pain in your back. Therefore, any long-term recurring or continual pain can be connected to brain issues and undoubtedly disturb your life.

Experiencing continual numbness in the legs and feet

Another warning sign that must immediately make you contact the professional back doctor is experiencing weakness, numbness, or tingling in your legs or feet. Numbness and tingling sensation are caused by nerves that travel through your spine. This happens when the nerves are compressed or pinched, so what you think is numbness is a slipped disc, a narrowing of the spine canal, or even a bone spur. Depending on the severity of the numbness and ongoing tingling sensations in the lower parts of the body, causes can be versatile but usually, they are all linked to back issues. Never neglect weakness in the legs or feet as well, and consult your general physician before you start using medications to suppress the feeling or pain.

Having difficulty controlling the bladder or bowels

One of the most noticeable signs of spinal problems is having trouble controlling your bladder or bowels. This feeling can be connected to the previously mentioned problems because if you feel numbness in your lower body area, there are greater chances that you won’t be able to control the signals that tell you to go to the bathroom. In addition, if you were to lose the ability to go to the bathroom like you used to, this might be a sign of cauda equina syndrome due to compression nerves in the spinal column. This back problem should be analyzed by a spinal expert because not being able to empty your bladder or bowels normally can be extremely painful and distracting.

Having trouble walking and standing

People who have back problems won’t be as agile and sturdy as people who don’t. However, if you are not fully aware that you have problems with your back, but you have difficulties standing or walking, you have to consult the doctor nevertheless. Back pain is not only related to aching muscles, on the contrary, it’s commonly a symptom of something far greater, therefore when you have trouble standing, you must take this warning sign seriously. Every doctor ought to have the diagnostic tools to detect the underlying cause of your discomfort and offer the best treatment to alleviate the pain and problem.

No matter if you have pulled a muscle or have had some back injury, you ought to listen to your body and be attentive to all the warning signs that may indicate it’s high time to see a back pain specialist.

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