It’s not uncommon; it has happened before that cargo gets stolen, hijacked, or swindled due to its importance. To businesses, the damage of losing high-cost or important cargo can mean serious problems. So, how do industry players deal with these sorts of problems?

It’s no secret that those with prominent roles in specific industries or sectors use security seals to protect their packages, cargo, or products.

But to answer our main question, we must first know precisely what security seals are and when they are used. So, let’s start.

What are security seals?

Security and cargo seals can be described as mechanisms to protect packages and cargo so that no one can tamper with, steal, open, or contaminate them. There are many kinds of security seal mechanisms, but all of them are designed to protect the items during transport.

We can divide security seals into five different types – cable seals, metal seals, plastic seals, bolt seals, and metric seals. These seals can show signs that the package or cargo has been tampered.

It can be said that the most commonly used types of security seals used are plastic seals. They are used for short-term damage prevention and transportation.

Why do industry players need security seals?

The answer is simple; business owners need security seals so their cargo isn’t lost, stolen, or hijacked in transit. You wouldn’t believe how often critical or high-value cargo gets stolen during shipping.

And cargo thieves aren’t picky either; they steal anything from food and clothing to high-value items. Anything that can be sold on the black market.

Logistics companies are already doing whatever they can to prevent or at least minimize cargo theft. According to some research, cargo is usually stolen from storage facilities, distribution centers, and truck stops. That’s why one of the solutions, in addition to automation, is precisely these security seals.

What are the benefits of security seals?

In addition to noticeable benefits, which are the safety and security of your cargo, security seals also have other benefits. Those benefits include authenticity, reliability and efficiency, and sabotage prevention, and they also act as a form of verification.

1.      Authenticity

These days authenticity of products and purchased goods is quite questionable. How do you know that what you ordered is authentic? You can’t. Well, that’s where the first benefit of security seals comes into play.

Business can guarantee their quality and authenticity with the help of these seals. And in turn, this will build trust between them and their customers. This will also help businesses attract more customers.

2.      Reliability and efficiency

With the help of security seals sold by a reputable Harcor security seals company, your business can become more reputable and efficient. How, you’re wondering? Security seals can help you keep track of your cargo. This means that you can integrate security seals into your operating systems.

With their help, you’ll always be able to see your cargo and always know where it is. And if something goes wrong, the seals will help you find the cause of the problem. You can see how this can make your business more efficient and, thus, more reputable.

3.      Sabotage prevention

Without the security seal, anyone can tamper with your cargo without you knowing. This is precisely how sabotages happened. To stop or prevent any potential sabotages, you can simply use security seals that can control the quality of your product.

Since most security seals can be traced and monitored, you can find exactly where and when someone tried to sabotage your cargo, product, or package.

How to know which security seal is right for your business?

We mentioned that you can choose from different types of security seals. The question is how to know which is suitable for your business or industry. In addition to the seals mentioned above, we can divide the seals into two more groups – single-use and reusable security seals.

Plastic and metal seals are typically known as single-use seals. You can use single-use seals for cargo that isn’t high-risk.

Reusable seals, on the other hand, are more complex as they have some electronic or mechanical parts, which means you can use them more than once. These seals are usually fixed to trucks, shipping containers, and trailers.

Know the value of your goods/cargo.

So, which of these two types of seals should you use? That largely depends on your business and the goods and cargo you transport. The value of your goods will be a good indicator of what security seals fit your company formation the best.

Remember that thieves can sell almost anything on the black market when analyzing your cargo value.

Research the quality and types of seals out there.

Before deciding which security seal is the best fit for your cargo, you need to do some research. Since there are so many types of seals, their quality tends to vary as well.

Each type of security seal can be used differently in different situations. Electronic seals, for example, feature RFID (radio frequency identification), which means they can be tracked.

Barrier seals are considered preventative, which means they are designed to prevent tampering. Bolt seals, cable seals, and lock bars are barrier seals. Once forcefully opened, these seals can not be closed – a clear indicator that the cargo has been tampered with.

On the other hand, indicator seals can’t prevent tampering, but they can indicate that your product has been tampered with, making them deterrent seals. Indicator seals come in various types and can be used for shipping containers, classified documents, products, etc. They are usually made of plastic and metal materials.

The mode of transportation also determines the types of seals necessary.

The mode of transportation can also determine the type of security seal you should use. For example, the aviation industry uses different seals than those applied to shipping containers or trucks. Different environmental factors can also contribute to the seal you decide to use. Then, different countries have different regulations regarding security seals, and so on.

Industry players started using security seals long ago because they can’t risk having their cargo, goods, or products tampered with, stolen, or lost. Much can be at stake for a company when cargo is lost or sabotaged. That’s why security seals can come in handy.

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