With increased dependence on electricity in our day to day life, it’s important to not to overlook the electrical hazards that can occur if you don’t use it carefully. From charging your phones to operating an oven, everything works due to uninterrupted power supply from an electrical panel. It’s our duty to observe any malfunctioning in the electrical panel or wire to replace it immediately before it becomes a serious threat to us. 

Every homeowner should put an effort to make their homes safe from electrical hazards by following below mentioned tips. 

  1. Keep the Appliances Away from water

Any electrical appliance that you have at home, make sure to keep it away from water in the first place. For instance, the television, electric oven, computers, washing machine, etc, keep their wires away from water to keep everyone safe. Also, try to follow the instructions of appliances that come with it. 

Every appliance works uniquely, make sure you’ve read all the instructions and only then operate it. This is crucial for the best performance of appliances and ensuring your own safety. If you see a spark or sense a burning smell, switch it off and immediately contact your electrical contractor to send in a professional who can look for the fault. 

  1. Refrain from Overloading the outlets

One of the reasons for having electrical issues is overloading of outlets. Watch out for overloading the outlets as it can turn out to be hazardous. Make sure all the outlets have protective faceplates and are cool to touch. In addition, plug in appliances that generate heat only in one outlet. 

Moreover, do not use extension cords for electrical outlets so they can work properly. If you feel overheating of an outlet, remove the appliance and contact a professional electrician for a home electrical safety check to keep everyone safe. 

  1. Make sure Your Electrical panel is properly Working

Electrical panels play a crucial role in our homes. It distributes power in different areas of your home according to the need. Always keep a check on it to make sure it’s working properly. For instance, look for the warning signs such as flickering lights, constant flipping of breakers, burning smell or a spark. 

If you notice any one of these, call an experienced electrician to take a look and fix it for you. These issues when going unnoticed can cause serious hazards such as outbreak of fire. 

  1. Unplug all the unused Appliances 

Make it a habit to unplug all the devices when you are not using it. It can save you from a lot of trouble. Especially, when there’s heavy rainfall and stormy weather. In such conditions, these appliances can become a source of electrical shock which can be life threatening. 

In addition, unplugging your devices will keep the kids and pets safe who often play with the wires of appliances. Moreover, it will save you power and prevent the wires from overheating to keep it safe and sound.

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