It’s simple to believe that print marketing is obsolete in a time when it’s simple to create a Facebook page or Instagram account and begin marketing your brand there for nothing.

When you can just write a tweet or send out a newsletter, why spend the money having pamphlets and posters made, printed, and then distributing them to the appropriate people?

Particularly in light of the fact that Instagram currently boasts an astonishing 1 billion monthly users, Facebook 2.23 billion, and Twitter 335 million.

There are seven reasons why print advertising is still vital. The astute businessman and marketer, however, hasn’t fully discounted print advertising. In truth, print is still a potent marketing medium with a strong cut through when used in conjunction with digital and social media marketing. Discover more about printing here!

The following seven arguments support the continued importance of print marketing in your overall marketing strategy.


1) Print advertising is effective with Millennials.

It is believed that millennials—those born between the early 1980s and the mid-1990s—are more media-savvy and linked to the digital world than prior generations. They enjoy using the internet, their smartphones, and watching videos.

2) It has a practical advantage due to its tactile character.

Not just Millennials react favorably to paper advertising. Print marketing is more substantial than email since it can be touched and smelled. Additionally, research indicates that this tactile quality activates the brain, increasing the likelihood that your message will be understood and that the recipient will remember your brand.

3) Print advertising can make you stand out and attract attention.

Today, a large portion of online content is ignored. Just consider all the advertisements and marketing emails you never click on. This is because there is so much digital stuff being created that we are no longer aware of it. And because of this, it is challenging for companies to stand out and get noticed with printing.

These digital blind spots can be gotten around with print marketing. Your brand may be viewed in a deeper, more personal way as a result. It may cut through all the online chatter, infiltrate a person’s private world, and seize their interest.

4) Digital marketing lacks the trustworthiness of print marketing.

Many individuals today are quite concerned about the rise of cybercrime. Internet consumers are weary of Nigerian scams that are more ambitious and sophisticated, as well as phishing and malware schemes. We’re becoming less and less trusting in digital marketing as a result of all this digital skulduggery.

5) Print improves memory retention

Our attention spans tend to be shorter when we are online. We scan advertising copy or become preoccupied by the several tabs that are open in our browser.

Our brains may be involved in some way with this. The area of the brain that we use to read online differs from the one that we use to read printed material, according to neuroscientific studies. We use the “deep-reading” portion of our brain when we read print books, which

enables us to become more engrossed and attentive to the content.

6) Digitization has created a gap that can be filled up.

In favor of more affordable and accessible digital marketing strategies, many companies have completely abandoned print marketing. Though it has opened up a hole that might be exploited, this isn’t always a bad thing.

7) Internet use and interest are not universal.

This is possibly the most bizarre explanation. You could find the thought of not using the internet absurd or even incomprehensible. But, believe it or not, there are a lot of individuals out there who don’t value or have time for the internet. Or they might even disagree with digital culture philosophically.

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