Microsoft Dynamics 365 security is based on security roles. A role identifies the scope of access to different areas of the ERP system, as well as the permissions to interact with records and processes. At the same time, the security configuration has a direct impact on the license cost which depends on the number of users and the extent of their access.

This article focuses on the practical application of security configuration in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Restricting Access to Certain Areas of System

First of all, an organization can completely restrict access to an entire module of the ERP system. Not all employees need to deal with all the applications and functionalities you have included in your suite. Customizing security roles ensures that this is possible.

For example, if you have Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management, not everyone in your organization actually has to work with both applications. At the same time, granting full access also poses security risks. Roles allow you to flexibly limit the access of specific users or grant it on demand.

Controlling Access to Sensitive Data

Every organization, regardless of its size, inevitably deals with sensitive data. Proper configuration of security roles in Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps companies ensure that information is only visible to users who really need it.

A good illustration of this is modifying access to financial data. Even if your company does not collect sensitive information about your customers, you still do not want every employee to be able to view financials. This can be easily limited by creating an appropriate role with the permission to view such records and assigning it to authorized users.

Limiting Permissions to Perform Actions

Security role configuration also includes the actions users can perform in your system. Obviously, not all users need broad permissions to interact with the ERP software.

For instance, if you want your vendors to work with your system, it is unlikely that you will grant them advanced permissions to edit your records or workflows. Most likely, you would prefer to limit interactions to viewing their own purchase orders and invoices.

Cost Management

As mentioned earlier, the licensing cost of your ERP system depends on the access you want to grant to its users. Whether you value security more or cost is your primary concern, you can save money if you create precise security roles and assign them to the right users.

You can understand the possibilities for savings even when you think about the previous example. Payments for users who can only view invoices and purchase orders are much lower than the cost of having a user with ultimate access to all applications, records and activities.

Accurate Security Configuration for Effective Operations

Proper security configuration has many benefits for your business, but it can also be somewhat challenging, especially when you need to change access rights or create new roles under time pressure. Building an optimal security plan for a large organization can take more than a year.

To speed up this process and eliminate possible errors, you can use the Security Setup tool for Microsoft Dynamics 365 from Executive Automats. This solution can automatically analyze workflows as well as data used for testing to generate security role suggestions. It is also an efficient way to address any changes in your company and keep your security configuration up-to-date with frequent and quick reviews.

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