Guest blogging is the preparation of writing and reproducing a blog post on another person’s or company’s website. Most guest bloggers get credit for their posts ( and a link to their website) in their author’s byline.

Why is guest blogging important?

Guest blogging is important because it allows you to build relationships with others in your industry, expose your brand to a new audience, drive referral traffic to your website, establish yourself as a thought leader, and help build potentially sec-boosting backlinks to your website.

Best practices for guest blogging                         

Let’s take a look at a few best practices for guest blogging :

  1. Pitch relevant websites

Guest blogging can expose your brand to a new audience, but it won’t help you unless you build websites with an audience that is interested in your brand and the topic. Are what you are writing about.

The good news is that you have many ways to find relevant sites. One of the quickest and easiest is to use Ahrens content explorer, a searchable database of billions of web pages complete with seo and social metrics.

Here’s how to do it:

.Enter a broad keyword or phrase related to your niche

.Select in title from the drop-down menu

. Run the search

. Click the one page per domain screen

. Click the exclude homepages filter

.Click the exclude subdomains filter

Pitch sites with traffic

Guest blogging helps expose your brand to a new audience and drive referral traffic to your websites, but both of these things are only likely to happen if the site to write for gets traffic. Available.

That’s why we recommend looking for sites with at least a few thousand organic visits per month.

Here’s how to filter your content explorer results for these sites:

Click add filter.

Select website traffic.

Enter at least a quantity of traffic (e.g., 10,000)

You should then only look at the web pages of sites that have at least an estimated 10k monthly organic visits:


Does guest blogging still work?

Yes, but it’s harder to land guest posts than it used to be because many website owners have to wade through a flood of mediocre guest post pitches daily. However, if you can break through the noise with a great pitch, you’ll still enjoy the benefits of guest blogging: a new audience, new relationships, referral traffic, and exposure to backlinks.  

HOW much do guest bloggers get paid?

If you work with the most reputable magazines and publications, you may get paid for your guest post, but generally, website owners don’t pay bloggers for guest posts. This is because guest blogging has countless other benefits, so most marketers are willing to do it for free.


Google’s matt cuts published an infamous blog post in 2014 declaring that “guest blogging is done.” But he was basically referring to the low-quality guest blogging that many seo was using at the time, where they published low-quality posts on questionable sites just for link-building purposes. Writing g a helpful, Valuable blog post for an established, authoritative site with a relevant audience can still help your seo a lot and is unlikely to hurt much.

Why is guest blogging important?

Guest blogging is important because it helps you build dealings with others in your industry, expose your brand to a new onlooker, drive referral traffic to your website, establish yourself as a believed leader, and build theoretically SEO-boosting backlinks to your website. Guest blogging offers a number of welfares for any business. By sharing your skill on other companies’ websites, you can establish yourself as an authority figure within your market, build relationships with other thought leaders in your field and bare your brand to a totally new audience.

How it impacts SEO?

As long as you’re careful and thoughtful about creating high-value guest blogs for sincere websites, guest blogging can be a great tool for building your domain consultant and moving up in SEO rankings.

It’s understandable, yet, why many have asked whether or not guest blogging will injure their business. With the danger of “spam bloggers” who try to bribe blog owners into allowing them to post low-quality content for their own link-building and SEO advantage, many marketers have decided to opt against it totally.

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