No matter how big or small, businesses require a pool of specialists who can oversee their IT setup and user systems. This reason is one of the most important factors in working with a managed service provider (MSP), which may remotely offer IT knowledge to any firm.  

However, due to their unskilled internal IT teams, small and medium-sized enterprises are the most frequent clients of MSPs. They are hired to undertake crucial IT duties that will assist the internal team and help a firm develop commercially. MSPs must take the initiative if they are to benefit their clients. They must therefore add the best PSA software for MSP to their offering. 

What is PSA Software? 

With the use of professional services automation (PSA) software, MSPs may manage the operations of their clients’ businesses effectively and proactively. Data, inventories, billable hours, time-off requests, and other back-office concerns can all be organized via one single point of contact. 

PSA software provides an excellent user experience, manages special project workflows, and handles corporate operations to ensure that it can increase profit. The finest PSA software for MSPs should provide a practical solution that enables MSPs to keep on top of project management, time tracking, billing, resource planning, business information, and activity progress tracking.  

Planning, managing, and measuring team performance for each project throughout its duration are, after all, three of its key responsibilities. 

The best PSA program for MSPs 

For MSPs, several PSA tools may be the most effective. To meet your expectations, it’s crucial to figure out which best suits your particular circumstance and business objectives. 

The top PSA remedies are listed below: 

1. ConnectWise 

Another popular option among ISTPs and MSPs is ConnectWise. According to the IT Companies Network review of PSA software for MSPs, it offers both Manage, a PSA solution, and automate an RMM solution. This PSA software’s capacity to automate various support tasks speeds up processing and client response times.  

As a result, you may provide your clients with more effective and efficient services. Utilizing the performance monitors built into its help desk system, ConnectWise helps with tracking target completion. This program is also excellent for collaboration and assistance since it encourages peer and community communication.  

2. Autotask 

Datto’s Autotask is a favorite amongst MSPs and ITSPs. This is due to its reputation for making supplying IT services straightforward and effective. This software also helps you improve your operations by giving you a comprehensive insight analysis.  

Another fantastic feature of Autotask is its Inventory and Procurement module, which aids companies in managing fixed assets and expenditures. In addition, Autotask offers a scheduling feature that establishes due dates for operation deliverables. For managers to fulfill particular objectives and expectations, it also helps with resource allocation. 

3. Atera 

Atera’s inclusion of PSA and RMM is a nice feature. The benefit of this is that any MSPs who subscribe to Atera can get all of the software they need to operate their business successfully and effectively. As a result, Atera is a fantastic choice for new businesses and smaller MSPs. It will save time and money because it is the entire package. Its PSA solution is strong and has a built-in help desk, allowing MSPs to have total visibility into their everyday business.  

4. SolarWinds MPS Manager 

Another software that allows you to test it out before spending any money is this one, which offers a 14-day free trial. RMM is a feature of SolarWinds MSP Manager, typically required by MSPs. You may get PSA and RMM solutions that smoothly interact and share information by using SolarWinds MSP Manager. A client database is another functionality. The client database will store all passwords to access the customer’s system.  

The program also provides a mechanism to ensure that the passwords are secure and safeguarded, preventing access by other technicians. The fact that SolarWinds MSP Manager is a cloud-based system is just another fantastic feature. Companies or corporations that want to use this program won’t need to have their own IT infrastructure, similar to Kaseya BMS. 

5. ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus 

This program has the potential to provide MSPs with improved support. A free standard edition of ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus is available, which is very helpful for smaller MSPs looking to develop and grow. Just be aware that free editions frequently exclude features that you might find useful. You will nonetheless obtain the necessary common functionality for PSA software. 

Extensive Reporting, Remote Support, Incident Management, and Billing are some of these capabilities. You can manage everything from a single location and increase productivity across multiple departments of your company with ManageEngine’s ServiceDesk Plus. Any business can succeed if the appropriate management practices are in place.  

You can employ premium, successful, and effective PSA software. In this situation. You may manage all the administrative responsibilities and procedures for your MSP with the help of a solid PSA solution. 

6. Kaseya Business Management Solution 

The term “Next-Gen Professional Services Automation software” has been used to describe this program. This is because it includes many features that make managing your IT business simple and effective. Another nice thing about Kaseya BMS is that it is reasonably priced, which is perfect for smaller MSPs. 

If you choose Kaseya BMS, you won’t have to manage your server to give your clients support. The SaaS system is cloud-based, so you don’t need to set up your infrastructure to use it. Another reason Kaseya is wonderful is its few uncommon capabilities in PSA software. The management of inventories is one of these features. This makes it possible for you to keep track of both your fixed assets and any acquisitions you make. You may test out this PSA remedy for a full 14 days without paying anything to decide if it’s right for demonstrates numerous distinctive qualities that help businesses operate better and earn more money. The user can customize practically any setting till he sees all the features he needs on the dashboard because of how openly customizable this PSA software is. It is a simple and effective collaborative many-to-many communication tool that ensures everyone is on the same page. 


Any of the PSAs above is advantageous to take into account for your MSP company as they will improve the nature and framework of your business management and the way you serve your clients. 

Automation technologies won’t help you get more customers or directly expand your business, but you can accomplish your goals more quickly and outperform your rivals due to streamlined operations and less human error. 

 As always, you must balance customizing your workflows to the software’s capabilities and ensuring that the chosen solution matches your workflows. Although it is impossible to determine which of SolarWinds, Autotask, or Atera is best for a specific industry, a mix of demo testing, pricing compatibility, and reputation will aid the decision. 

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