When the topic of motorcycles arises, the name Honda is inevitably brought up as it is one of the most prominent brands in the market. The company has had a strong presence for several decades, making it a favorite of motorcycle enthusiasts worldwide. You may consider a Honda bike if you are in the market for a new motorcycle. This article will provide a comprehensive guide to Honda bikes, including their latest models, pricing, and how they compare to other leading brands like Hero Bikes.

New Honda Motorcycle Models

To cater to diverse riding preferences, Honda offers various motorcycles, including sportbikes, cruisers, and other models. Below are some of their latest models:

Honda CB350RS: A bike designed with a classic cafe racer look and a 350cc engine suitable for city and highway riding.

Honda CB650R: A middleweight bike with a 649cc engine, comfortable riding position, and responsive handling.

Honda Gold Wing Tour: This is Honda’s flagship touring bike, featuring a 1833cc engine and a host of features designed for long-distance rides.

Honda Bike Pricing

Honda motorcycles are priced differently based on the model and the features they offer. Here are the current prices of some Honda bikes:

  1. Honda CB350RS: Starts at approximately ₹2,89,000
  2. Honda CB650R: Starts at approximately ₹6,94,000
  3. Honda Gold Wing Tour: Starts at approximately ₹20,72,000

It is worth noting that these prices are the base prices and that additional features and upgrades will raise the price.

Comparison Between Honda and Hero Bikes

Hero Bikes is another prominent brand in the motorcycle market, so how does Honda compare to Hero Bikes? Let us examine a few critical factors:

Performance: Honda motorcycles are typically recognized for superior performance and handling compared to Hero Bikes. This is because Honda prioritizes the development of advanced technology and engines that produce more power and better fuel efficiency.

Design: Honda and Hero Bike offer sleek designs, but Honda is usually more innovative. Honda’s motorcycles also tend to have a more premium feel to them.

Price: In general, Honda bikes are more expensive than Hero Bikes. However, as mentioned earlier, the extra cost is often justified by the superior performance and features of Honda bikes.


Overall, Honda motorcycles are an excellent choice for anyone seeking a motorcycle with exceptional performance and features. Whether you are a novice or an experienced rider, Honda has a bike that suits your requirements. Although Honda bikes may be pricier than brands like Hero Bikes, their superior performance and advanced technology often justify the investment.

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