Lithium marine batteries are the most important devices in your boat. They power everything from lights to navigation instruments and do it for long durations at sea. If you have a battery-powered boat, you need a battery for it. And, just like us humans, not all batteries are created equal. While certain models can last for months or even years if cared for properly, others don’t make the cut and will die sooner than later. Knowing how long Lithium marine batteries last is essential to choosing the right one for your needs as well as getting value from your purchase.

What are Lithium batteries?

Lithium batteries are the most recent technologies that we are using nowadays. Lithium is the main component of these batteries. Due to their smaller size and large amount per unit mass and per unit volume they store more energy as compared to their sizes.

Like other batteries, these batteries also have an anode, cathode, and separator. A cathode is made using different materials but the most famous is Lithium iron phosphate cathode. Batteries with this cathode are called Lithium iron phosphate batteries and are mostly used type of lithium battery.

The anode is made of graphite which matches the chemistry of the other components. This combination of materials gives a battery that rivals any rival in energy storage and weightlessness.

How long lithium batteries do last?

How long a lithium battery will last depends on the type of battery and the manufacturer of the lithium ion battery.

The batteries we manufacture will last more than 10 years. Or you can say our batteries will last 3000-5000 cycles. This does not mean that the battery will stop working after the 5000th discharge. Then it will not give 100% efficiency but still can store 70% to 80% energy in it. We use high-quality lithium cells that provide a battery that lasts for a long time.

How can we make lithium batteries to long last?

The lifespan of lithium batteries is 3000-5000 cycles. It can reach a maximum of 5000 by following some precautions.

  • First, charge it with its original charger lithium-ion charger. Lead ion chargers give the same potential but don’t deeply charge the battery as required. So you can increase the lifespan of the battery by buying a good quality charger from the best Lithium Ion Battery Manufacturer.
  • Secondly, completely deplete your battery. No doubt lithium-ion batteries are amazing and can handle 100% depletion and still work properly but you can increase its life span by not allowing it to deplete repeatedly.
  • Third, don’t charge it in too cold. It does not charge properly if its internal temperature goes below 24 Fahrenheit. So charge it at an appropriate temperature for its proper working.

Do lithium batteries expire if not used?

Lithium-ion batteries usually don’t expire but a small amount of energy depletion takes place. It is noted that our batteries deplete 2-3% every month so if you leave them for a long time without charging you will find a dead battery. But it takes a long time. If you are restoring the battery for winter it’s not too long. It will not die at this time.

From where to get long lasting Lithium iron phosphate batteries?

There are many lithium Ion battery manufacturers but BSLBATT manufactures the best lithium batteries by using the most advanced technologies. Our batteries are more long-lasting and will not die if stored in cool temperatures. Visit lithium Ion battery manufacturer BSLBATT today to get your best lithium battery at your doorstep.

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