Back in the 60s, Tie-dye was a famous fabric trend that was also considered a sign of happiness and free expression. It keeps coming back often because of its unique and stylish techniques. Tie-dye is symbolically free spirited and never loses its individuality. You’ll see people wearing tie-dye clothing normally and in a fashion show. Many celebrities also love tie-dye trends and keep following them, proving that they will always remain a trend and never go out of fashion. Sun chasers is the best tie dye clothing shop that provides tie-dye clothes for unisex. Let’s learn how to tie-dye with them. 

How To Tie-Dye? A Step-By-Step Guide

Learning to tie-dye your clothes is messy but fun because you can play with colors and wear beautiful colorful clothes. The result you’ll get is neither right nor wrong. Once you have all the right materials and colors, the procedure is easy. In tie-dye, you tie up various parts of a fabric with a thread or a string so that the colors spread unevenly, giving different effects to a material. What tie-dye you want on your fabric depends on how you tie it. You can mix various colors and combine tie-dye with several paints to get your desired masterpiece for your wardrobe. When people think about tie-dye, they usually think about bright and dark colors, but you can also get pastel and earthy tones or anything you like on fabric. Follow the given steps to get the tie-dye process successfully. 

Easy tie-dye for beginners/ Tools you must purchase for the tie and dying process.

You need to learn a few things for a tie-dye. Let’s see what those steps are.


If you want to start a tie-dye business, you can do it indoors and outdoors. Tie-dye shops can be messy, so you must be ready for some spills. You must keep paper towels all the time. 


The best unisex tie-dye shops choose commercial tie-dye colors that best suit all fabrics. At the start of the business, people choose tie-dye colors in smaller quantities that come in kits. These kits have all the colors you need. They also come with applicator bottles containing powder dye, which you add water to make colors. 

Fabric and Material

For tie-dye, people use fabrics and materials like 100% cotton, silk, rayon, and all the other natural fibers. Before doing the dye, you must experiment with it on a rough fabric because it may not work as expected. When you purchase dye packets, remember that a single packet is enough to dye several fabrics and articles. Ensure that you choose various materials and dye them once to utilize the packet. Your colors can be the same, but patterns and designs can differ depending on how you tie the material. Use it as you want to create your masterpiece. Some fabrics are difficult to dye. Ensure that you are buying the right material for dying because you may not be able to return it later. Tie-dye clothing online shop is the best in business. If you want any of your fabric to tie dye, you can visit and contact them and get the expected results. 


To tie dye, you must purchase some containers and buckets to mix the colors and dip your articles in them. The containers must be wide and large enough so your pieces can be dyed easily. Buy a container or bucket for each color to mix them well. 


When you tie-dye a fabric, it is important to wash and rinse it with cold water. Your workspace must have a hose or sink to wash the material easily with cold water. Unisex tie-dye shops recommend not using plastic sinks because they can get permanent stains with dye colors. Stainless steel sinks are the best for this business. 


Stirrers are essential tools in tie-dye shops. As a tie-dye business person, it is suggested that you must know how to use the dowel rods and wooden spoons to stir the fabric in a container. Remember that the stirrer you will use can get stains from the dye colors, so you must use something you can dispose of later. 


Tie-dye cannot be done without tying your fabrics with a string or a thread. You must use twine or rubber bands to tie your material correctly so that the color spreads unevenly and elegantly. Rubber bands are expected because the dye colors do not penetrate them. It will also make your product look nice and beautiful by leaving white bands all over the fabric. 


Now that you have everything you need, you must also buy rubber gloves to prevent your hands from getting stains. The colors are not harmful, but you can get allergic if you keep getting your hands stained. Make sure to use gloves. It’s also good for hygiene purposes. Lastly, a tie-dye clothing shop recommends tying your material with marbles at the end. 

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