Apple HomeKit is an iOS application from Apple that operates on iPhones and enables you to manage all of your smart home appliances from one app with networked integration. When HomeKit is enabled, you can also utilize Siri on your phone to voice-command your home automation system, such as smart lights. As they don’t need you to be near your smartphone, it is personally preferred to utilize Alexa gadgets for smart home voice activation. Still, HomeKit is a beautiful voice smart house control alternative if you favor using Siri.

Smart switches for HomeKit come in a variety of designs. We have listed them below so you can select the best smart HomeKit light switch for you.

Leviton Wifi Smart Dimmer 1000W

There is no need for a smart home hub with these Leviton smart light switch dimmers since they connect to standard home wireless connections, can be controlled via a wifi app downloaded to a smartphone, and are wifi compatible. Ensure you follow the directions to set the light switches into an active mode when connecting to the Leviton app. The Leviton app is simple and clear to use, and connecting the light switches to the app is simple as well. Once the smart light switch dimmers are connected, you can use your phone’s application to manage them locally or remotely.

Lutron Caseta Dimmer Switches starter kits

Everything you will require to make your existing light switches smart is included with the Lutron Caseta smart light switch dimmer kit. Each of the Lutron Caseta smart light dimmer switches is connected to a central hub, which has the capability to control any new Caseta smart light switches you add to the network. The smart dimmers from Lutron Caseta are also functional with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. The Caseta dimmers don’t require a neutral wire, which is very advantageous if you’re attempting to rewire an existing house because many of those typically don’t have neutral wires in the switching boxes.

What You Can Do With HomeKit

HomeKit is not a product or software program; it’s a framework that links smart domestic products together and adds new talents to gadgets like lighting fixtures, locks, cameras, thermostats, plugs, and greater. HomeKit lets you manage clever domestic products the use of apps in your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, or simple Siri voice instructions.

While controlling smart domestic merchandise with ‌Siri‌ or with an ‌iPhone‌ is convenient, the actual magic of HomeKit comes if you have multiple HomeKit-enabled products due to the fact you may manage them all of sudden using scenes or set up automations so that they prompt robotically.

You can, as an example, create a “Good night time” scene that makes certain the doors are locked, closes the storage, turns off the lights, lowers the thermostat, after which activates a night light each time motion is detected. With automation, you could set person HomeKit devices to return on or off at particular instances, or you could set complete scenes, like the aforementioned “Good night” scene to return on at a fixed time.

The Eve smart light switches 

Compared with the other types of lighting switches we’ve described, the Eve Smart light switches have a significant disadvantage because they operate on Bluetooth. Although the HomeKit-enabled Eve smart light switches are Siri-compatible, their Bluetooth connection is minimal, and they connect to your device directly rather than to a wifi connection. Thereby this makes it impossible to use them without your phone, even when it is off, out of reach, or when you are not at residence. They don’t have as much functionality as other HomeKit-compatible light switches listed here. Still, they are compatible with the Apple HomeKit and enable you to use Siri to voice-control your smart light switches and control them from your smartphone.

The conclusion:

An easy and direct strategy to update your home is by placing the top HomeKit light switches. Additionally to working in action scenes and synchronization with other equipment, HomeKit light switches let you customize the lights in your home employing Siri or the Home application.

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