If you decide to buy, you should carefully consider which wireless charger to choose for your iPhone or smartphone.

When buying wireless charging, you need to immediately decide on the standard. There is the mentioned Qi standard (more common), and there is the PMA standard. These formats are almost the same, with only a slight difference in the strength of the alternating current. Some phones support both of these standards, but in most cases, you need to decide on only one. This point must be indicated in the characteristics of the phone.

It is worth paying attention to the charging time. Wireless devices have a rather long time by definition. But if the phone charges for more than four hours, it makes sense to look for a faster wireless charger with magnet.

Pay attention to the features of some models. If you wish, you can find charging with a spacious mat, on which several rechargeable gadgets will fit at the same time. You can find chargers with two working platforms instead of the usual one.

Finally, it is worth paying attention to the popularity of the brand. Samsung, Xiaomi, Nillkin and Belkin equip their wireless devices with protection against overheating, power surges and short circuits. Yes, a branded item will cost more, about 500 dollars. But the miser, as you know, often pays twice.

Well, if the question of how to choose a wireless charger for your phone has confused you, contact a specialist or learn the materiel. You can start, by the way, right from this text.

Which power adapter is suitable for wireless charging?

An important nuance: the wireless charging kit often does not include an adapter, which is necessary for proper operation with current.

Each charger has its own power standard. The Qi format, for example, is designed for a power of 5 volts, this is its international characteristic. Power should be obtained from the seller in advance or study the document of the device. The adapter can deviate from this figure only slightly. In the case of Qi, this deviation can be from 4.5 to 5.2 volts. With a larger deviation, you risk burning the device.

Here, the cost of charging and its belonging to the brand are of particular importance. Budget models are more vulnerable to differences in the power of the adapter from the power of the charging itself.

Is it worth buying an inexpensive charger or do you need to take only the original?

Yes, it is better to stay on the original models. And that’s why.

Cheap charging has such a dangerous feature as unpredictable power. Add to that poor quality insulation (and the wireless charging base still has the good old wire) and you have a potential disaster.

A bad charger can destroy the phone’s battery or damage the device itself: the gadget will stop charging. And the reason for this is the discrepancy between the required power, in cheap chargers it may simply not be indicated or indicated incorrectly.

Poor quality charging will heat up the phone battery, which leads to its wear. And a charged battery will drain faster.

Engineers say that it is the poor quality of a phone charger that often causes short circuits, and this is dangerous not only for the phone, but also for your home.

The solution is on the surface: we buy an original charger for our gadget. For a Samsung phone, it is better to find a charger from the same company and further in the same vein. And cheap nameless devices are resolutely pushed aside.

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