Need that true lip-soothing balm? There are hundreds of products out in the market claiming to provide that miracle balm for soft and supple lips and while most of them are just mere hype, Lanolin lip balm stands out from them all. This natural wonder has popped up as the solution for whichever person doesn’t know how to treat chapped lips properly. Here are the good reasons why lanolin lip balm should be a part of your skincare product that you use daily.

Natural Origin and Moisturizing Power

Wool grease or lanolin, is a natural emollient that can be extracted from the flesh of the sheep’s wool. The nature of its formulation which is almost similar to the oils secreted by the human skin means that it is one of the most skin-friendly products that exist. When used on the lips, lanolin acts by creating an additional layer, which replicates the outermost layer of skin, thus, enhancing the skin’s lipid layer and retaining moisture levels. It also has the added advantage of making the lips remain moist for extended periods, not just during the application process.

Year-Round Protection

Chaps are known to pose a challenge during the cold seasons due to the effect created by winter winds on the skin as well as dryness caused by the sun during the summer seasons. Lanolin creates a wax-like pad for the lips that guards them against weather conditions. Unlike petroleum-based lip products which roughen the lips and dry the skin, lanolin penetrates deep to not just protect the lips from chapping this winter but for the future winters.

Versatility and Healing Properties

Another fact about lanolin lip balm that very few people are aware of is that this product possesses some versatility in terms of the healing properties it has. Even if your lips are chapped or injured, she notes that the natural remedy of lanolin can help the situation by moving the healing along and taking down redness. Furthermore, for one, it is not limited to the lips at all: Lanolin can be used as a topical treatment for the cuticles, elbows, and any part of the body that is likely to crack because of dryness.

Beauty and Comfort Combined

As if Lanolin lip balm is not only useful for functional purposes but also for making your natural beauty even better. Because of the moisture, the lips acquire a normal supple appearance, perfect for topping up with lipstick or lip gloss. Also, because it is moisturizing and glitzy, on its own it could lend a certain amount of sheen to the lips while providing them with a rich, nourishing color at the same time which makes them look all healthy and pretty!

For those who are willing to derive these benefits, there is no better move than to opt for a quality product. If you are serious about getting a lanolin lip balm with all its unadulterated and untarnished attributes, it will pay to visit the Lanolin Lip Balm For Sale at Silly Bean Soap Company. Thus, their formula only captures the benefits of lanolin for lips: the ability to hydrate, heal, and protect, so lips remain soft, silky to touch, and perfectly drenched in moisture.

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