Mr. Abdul Sattar, the father of Muhammad Zeeshan, who is currently the CEO, established Zee.Sy in the year 1992 in Pakistan. Mr. Zeeshan opened an outlet in the center of Karachi in the year 2009. In 2014, he turned towards the digital side and made his social presence with the brand name Zee.Sy to further enhance its sales and grow the brand.

His vision for the brand is to make Pakistan-made high-quality artificial jewellery for everyone across the globe at an economical price point. He furthermore has the willingness to have outlets for his artificial jewellery brand all across Pakistan.

Zee.Sy started as a family business. They specialize exclusively in artificial jewels and have almost all sorts of artificial jewellery. They have been manufacturing imitation jewels for over the past 10 years. Started with only one outlet and presently they have multiple stores all across Pakistan including Karachi and Quetta. They are exporters of artificial jewellery as well.

For a couple of years, we have seen a sharp rise in startups and more and more people coming forward and opening a business. Particularly in Pakistan, many businesses were seen to be topping the charts of all time and some saw a not so satisfying results. One of them was started not very long ago but it surely managed to take the throne in that time frame. Started as a beginner in the field of artificial jewellery making Mr. Zeeshan Sattar has an award-winning brand under his name. Since he started, he has achieved a lot. Making a brand of his dreams was not easy at all for him. He saw huge dips and despairs in his journey to the jungle throne of jewellery. Zeeshan made a miraculous turn with Zee.Sy a decade ago when he thought to start a brand of artificial jewellery. He thought to make this move because of the prices of pure ornaments like gold and platinum. It was his idea to give the people of Pakistan high-quality jewellery at economical prices.

Zee.Sy has been getting very popular among women in Pakistan in recent times because of its economical price, styles, and designs. Many brands have emerged in the last three to four years but some are persistent in their work and have been among the top for a very long time and Zee.Sy has edged all in the artificial jewellery space. It is among the top contenders that have been working in Pakistan and delivering their customers the highest quality products at the lowest rates. Started more than a decade ago and has marked its place in the jutsu of jewellery making. They have a huge set of jewellery collections with a list of long verities that one can merely ignore.

Having a decade-long experience in the field of making artistic artificial accessories, they have surely come a really long way. Making, delivering, and satisfying clients over the course of 12 years is not easy but with sheer dedication and hard work, they have achieved to do so.

They have been making extraordinary, exquisite, and exceptional ornaments that are beyond valuation, beyond forgery, or imitation. They work for their customers and stick to providing high-quality and long-lasting artificial jewels. Zeeshan has put all his efforts to make a brand that gives people a satisfaction and feeling of luxury while not worrying about their bank balance. He had all his stakes in Zee.Sy and he managed to make it the best artificial jewellery brand in Pakistan. With all the hard work and time Zee.Sy maintains its supreme spot in being the most marketable and popular brand of artificial jewellery.

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