The use of HBOT as an anti-aging treatment is becoming a lot more famous; I guess it’s because of its success and various benefits to the skin. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy consists of inhaling pure oxygen in a controlled, and at a high pressure via hyperbaric oxygen chambers. This form of treatment started in the 1600s with the first hyperbaric chamber designed by ‘Henshaw,’ who was a British clergyman and it has proven beneficial from the start. 

This technology has advanced when considering models like the OXYHELPs Oxylife hyperbaric chambers. Oxyhelp chambers provide a top notch experience when going in for HBOT. Specialized hyperbaric chambers like the Oxylife 1 Monoplace chamber provide total freedom to operate a totally controlled air pressure system that is two times greater than the normal room air pressure. This then gives the lungs flexibility to take in more oxygen than it would in normal atmospheric pressure. 

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During HBOT, the blood transports extra oxygen throughout the body. This form of supplemental oxygen assists the body in fighting free radicals and certain bacteria capable of damaging the skin. It also fosters the secretion of stem cells, as well as certain growth factors to promote the skin’s healing process and various parts of the body. All these processes help to reverse symptoms of aging, providing smoother, wrinkle-free, and soft skin. 

In addition, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy fosters the new skin cells and collagen production by causing the development of new blood cells. Aside from this, HBOT invigorates the various cells responsible for developing stuffs that provide respiratory endothelial growth factors. It’s responsible for stimulating and attracting of endothelial cells known for promoting healing at vital body parts. 

With all that being said, let’s have a good look at some celebrities who actually take advantage of this form of therapy and how they utilize this form of therapy. 


The use of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is evident in most celebrities, athletes, military, and deep-sea divers. They majorly use it to heal various body tissues, boost long-lasting functionality, and assist in their overall well-being. Given below are celebrities using Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.


When going on tours, he uses HBOT to refresh his energy while keeping his skin fresh. He adheres to his schedule when on tours, which consists of fully dipping into an Ice bath, preceded by going in for some hyperbaric therapy. In his words, he said, “I’m a hard type. It’s in my DNA. I physically prepare my body as if I’m a trained athlete. After the shows, I sit in an ice tub and do a hot dip, cold dip, and sometimes I sit in a hyperbaric chamber to rejuvenate my energy “. 


When you hear the name “Kardashian,” you know it’s all about fresh skin and beauty. Using a hyperbaric chamber won’t be a big deal here, and Kendall Jenner deems it fit to be a part of her daily routine. Kendall Jenner was spotted with her own Vitaeris 320 hyperbaric chambers that help her achieve faster recovery and an improved immune system. And the formation of new skin cells and also a boost in collagen production. This, for sure, is responsible for maintaining that beauty you see.


Justin also purchased his Hyperbaric HBOT for its healing features. The air pressure in the chamber leads to an increased level of oxygen, as well as a boost in the level of blood flow throughout his body. These properties help fight against infections in the body, reduce inflammation, and heal injured tissues. 

In addition, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy boosts blood flow to the skin, delivering more oxygen, leading to better and improved skin. 


Aside from his physique, Fabio Lanzoni is one of the most recent stars to confirm their use of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. You will all agree that his appearance is much more important to him; I guess that’s why he depends heavily on hyperbaric oxygen therapy via hyperbaric chambers to stay young. In his words, he clearly described this therapy as the best way to “reverse aging. “


This celebrity right here is among the line of athletes that incorporates the use of HBOT as the perfect way to rejuvenate after training. He stated that he trains well at an 8,000 feet altitude as it helps pretty well with recovery. 

The hyperbaric oxygen chamber is the best device there is to help boost the increased air pressure and oxygen required by the body for recovery. These devices have gained more popularity amongst athletes as it helps boost oxygen levels their red blood cells accumulate. This process boosts the rate at which they recover from injuries, leaving the body totally fresh.


Wrapping up our list today is none-other than the famous basketball player LeBron James. LeBron acknowledges the hyperbaric oxygen chamber to be an important addition to his career as a professional basketballer. Due to the rejuvenating properties it proffers, this therapy can maintain his body in the best physical condition ever.

OxyHelp – Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Aging Patients - Bucharest, Romania  - OXYHELP Industry


OXYHELP hyperbaric chambers make the perfect choice for getting full Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. They are portable systems that are widely used by celebrities, parents, physicians, professional athletes, and for commercial purposes. You can take a look around here . Hyperbaric chambers consist of OXYHELP 1 chamber, which is ideal for one user at a time, and the Oxylife C hyperbaric chamber, which can hold multiple users at a time. These chambers are built with regulations that strictly ensure the users’ safety is guaranteed during use. Oxyhelp hyperbaric chambers are professional-grade chambers built to last while delivering the best results ever. 

OXYHELP hyperbaric chambers are widely known to provide the benefits including; 

  • Anti-aging effects
  • It helps in preventing reperfusion damage.
  • It boosts the healing process of wounds.
  • It provides relief from stress and migraines.

Note that; when you choose to go in for hyperbaric oxygen therapy, do well to research the possible risks like paraquat poisoning, decompression sickness, lung collapse, and lastly gas gangrene. 

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