Today it is difficult to imagine a bathroom without comfortable furniture that organizes practical storage. Its obligatory attribute is a wardrobe, without which almost no interior can do. It can store both things necessary for hygiene procedures, as well as household appliances. Manufacturers offer cabinets “for every taste and color”: various colors, materials, styles and shapes, for small and large rooms. How in such a variety to choose exactly the closet that will help in organizing a comfortable space? We will tell you about this.

General Tips for Choosing a Bathroom Cabinet

Pay attention to the material from which the cabinet is made. It must be resistant to moisture, temperature changes and detergents. In terms of “price – quality” models made of plastic, chipboard, MDF are preferred.

Of great importance is the mechanism of opening the doors. Swing doors are suitable for large spaces, as they require a lot of free space when opened, and sliding doors are suitable for small ones, as they open like a wardrobe. Measurement of the room will help you choose the right size of the cabinet, its shape and installation method.

Based on the characteristics of the bathroom, choose the shape of the cabinet:

  • Straight – the classic version, which is most common
  • Corner – will fit into any corner of the bathroom and save a lot of space
  • Horizontal – a low cabinet that is placed along the wall

The method of installing the cabinet also depends on the footage of the room:

  • Floor models – stable and roomy, do not require additional support, suitable for both small and large rooms
  • Hinged models – require complex installation, but save usable space, allowing you to place household appliances and other pieces of furniture, great for small rooms

As for the style and color of the cabinets, it all depends on the design of the bathroom you choose. If, for example, you prefer the classic style, take a closer look at furniture with carved elements or with a mirror in a gilded frame. For minimalism, choose bathroom cupboards without any decorative elements; a combination of metal and glass is perfect.

Types of bathroom cabinets

  1. Wall mounted

Wall cabinets – salvation for small bathrooms and we are not exaggerating. Unfortunately, few people effectively use the free space on the walls. This option will save space for household appliances, such as a washing machine., and visually unload the room.

Wall cabinets are most often installed above the sink, above the washing machine, or simply in the middle of the wall. There are also corner models, which we will discuss below.

Plus wall cabinets – easy access to things. The disadvantages include complex installation, often small capacity and the risk of falling (however, for this you need to try very hard, for example, hang on a locker).

We recommend placing wall-mounted furniture above the sink, as this is the most convenient option, especially if there is a mirror on the doors. In this case, the width of the cabinet should correspond to the width of the washbasin.

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