Choosing a bathroom and kitchen faucet is a difficult task but these methods will help you out in this selection.

Mounting method

The most popular – mortise models are attached to the bathtub, sink or kitchen sink. They differ in height, spout length, shape and design. They are easy to install if there is already a hole in the plumbing – no need to cut, gouge or drill anything. If there is no socket, you will have to look for an alternative mixer taps bathroom that is installed in a different way.

Wall-mounted sink and bath faucets are installed separately from the plumbing itself. They do not need special holes in plumbing and hidden channels for pipes, but channels in the wall are required. To install a wall-mounted faucet, you will need a puncher to punch holes for their installation. Replacing the mixer will also require certain skills – the pipes and connections are recessed into the wall, so you will have to work in a limited space.

Floor mixers are suitable for designer sanitary ware, rising in the middle of the room, away from the walls. 

Built-in (hidden) faucets are hidden inside the wall, and only the spout and regulators are brought out. They are ideal for interiors with a minimalist design, but require complex dirty work – wall chasing. 

Control method

The faucets have separate handles for adjusting the pressure of hot and cold water. By turning them, you increase or decrease the force of the flow. This design is simpler and cheaper, it is easier to repair. But the service life of the valve mixer is less due to the abundance of moving parts.

Lever models have only one handle. By turning it left and right, you adjust the temperature of the water, up and down – the pressure. The characteristics of mixers of this type allow you to quickly select the optimal settings, even with wet or soapy hands. They last longer than valve models – they have fewer moving parts.

Sensor faucets react to a light touch or the approach of a hand. The simple design with no protruding parts is the perfect choice for a minimalist interior. They are often installed in public places – if you do not need to touch plumbing, you are better protected from viruses and bacteria. But sensory models are expensive (from 5 to 25 thousand rubles) and difficult to repair.

Batch mixers supply a certain volume of water at the touch of a button. Designed for public places – a shower in a hotel and a sink in the toilet of a shopping center. Such models help to save water and reduce the costs of the enterprise. But at home they are inconvenient to use.

Combination faucet have an additional spout for drinking water. Its pressure is regulated by a valve, lever or even a sensor. Of course, a fine filter must be connected to such a mixer, which is purchased separately.

Shower and basin mixers with a thermostat maintain a constant temperature regardless of the pressure. To get comfortable conditions, you just need to adjust them once by turning the hidden lever to the desired position. Thermostatic mixers are expensive and do not work well with low pressure. In addition, when the temperature in the system changes (for example, when the boiler cools down), you will have to adjust them again.

Bath mixer with shower: switching mechanism

To take a shower in the bath, and not in a separate cabin, you will need a universal faucet, allowing you to choose the direction of water flow. It can be built according to the following principles:

The eccentric mechanism moves the double-sided piston with rubber gaskets when the handle is turned. It is simple, cheap, reliable and easy to repair. But it takes up a lot of space and needs to be tightened often to prevent leaks.

The cartridge mechanism rotates the ceramic discs with holes, directing the water to the desired nozzle. It is compact and reliable – it lasts up to 4-5 years. But if it breaks, it will have to be completely changed.

The ball mechanism rotates the empty sphere with three holes, choosing the appropriate direction of flow. It is very compact – it is built into the thinnest pipes. But in case of damage or clogging, you will need to buy a new mixer.

The cork mechanism is similar to the eccentric – its piston with rubber gaskets closes one of the two holes. It is convenient and compact – instead of turning the handle, just press the button. But over time, it begins to let water through, reducing the pressure.

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