With so many various kinds of hairspray available on the market, choosing the best one for the hairstyle you want to achieve and knowing how to apply it correctly may be confusing enough to make your head (or your hair) spin. There is what seems like an endless variety to pick from, ranging from a thin grip to an extra-strong hold and from a glossy finish to a matte finish. Fortunately, we can assist direct you.

Keep in mind these suggestions for choosing and utilising our L’Oréal Paris Elnett Satin Hairsprays the next time you find yourself wondering how to use hairspray or searching for the best hair-holding products. Our renowned printed hairspray boxes line—which even royals love—is ideal for giving the look of shining, bouncy hair. A princess-worthy head of hair? Count us in!

1. Maintain Distance When Spraying

You’re not meant to spray hairspray up close and personal on your roots, in case you didn’t know. When you do so, you run the danger of oversaturating your hair, giving it an appearance that is nearly greasy rather than the shine you undoubtedly want. Not to mention that too much product will be applied to a tiny area, which might cau carse hardening or weigh down, neither of which are desirable. Therefore, for the best grip while spraying your strands, hold the can at least six inches away from your head (or refer to the product’s directions for a precise distance).

The L’Oréal Paris Elnett Precious Oil Satin Hairspray is a nice product to try. The renowned hairspray, which contains argan oil, is designed to soften, smooth, add shine, and repair damaged, dry hair while also controlling strands.

2. Add volume using hairspray

The ’70s and ’80s were the eras of big hair. For many ladies who desired to acquire extraordinary hair height, hairspray was their go-to tool. And as we all know, what was previously outdated may now be updated. When setting your style, spray a volume-enhancing hairspray, such as the L’Oréal Paris Elnett Satin Hairspray Extra Strong Hold Volume, in between the layers of your hair to get the same voluminous effect. Simply divide each layer with a comb or your fingertips, then spray a little bit. Voilà!

3. Locate a brushable hold formulation.

Even while you want volume and grip from your hairspray, you generally don’t want your strands to feel stiff and crunchy after using it. Use a flexible and brushable hairsprays with brushable grip, to stop this. These kinds of solutions will keep your hair in place all day, but you should be able to smooth things out by running a brush or comb over it (very gently).

4. After utilising a strong-hold formula, be gentle.

Since your style has been set in place with a strong or extremely strong-hold hairspray, you run the risk of wearing down some of the hair strands when you attempt to brush through it. L’Oréal Paris Elnett Satin Hairspray Strong Hold is the best option for hair that will last all day. It can survive any amount of rain, wind, or humidity.

5. Take Care Of Your Curls

It is preferable to softly spray each individual curl in your curly hair rather than your entire head of ringlets if you have curly hair. Your entire head of curls may clump together when you spritz them, and they may lose part of their bounce. On the other hand, when you work piece by section, you add a tonne of texture, movement, and definition to your appearance. After lightly spraying each portion with hairspray, scrunch each section with your hands.

6. Control Flyaways With Your Hands

Flyaways are the hair downer par excellence. The good news is that hairspray may be a great tool for taming them. Try putting some hairspray onto your palms first, then delicately patting it over the flyaways you wish to tame rather than spraying it directly onto your locks. This is a particularly useful tip if you’re attempting to apply hairspray to a tiny or precise location, like touching up a single curl or taming your fashionable bangs.

7. Select Your Strength Carefully

Determining which hairspray can help you attain the desired appearance might be difficult with so many alternatives available. A good rule of thumb is to choose a low-hold hairspray if you want to keep your hair straight and maintained. Do you need a little extra grip for your braided crown or half-up bun? It will work with hairsprays with a medium grip. Choose a hairspray with an extra strong hold, such as the L’Oréal Paris Elnett Satin Hairspray Extra Strong Hold, if you’re heading out on the town to keep your style in place all night.

8. To Tame Static, Spray Hairspray

There are more problems that you could have throughout the winter besides a dry scalp and brittle hair. The chilly temperature also contributes to hair static. Hair has a propensity to tear in all directions when it is coated with static electricity. However, a little hairspray can assist in avoiding static in the first place. Simply mist your hairbrush with hairspray, then softly brush your strands with it. Any upcoming static will be reduced with the aid of the hairspray.

9. Apply A Toothbrush To Small Areas To Control

Consider using a toothbrush to apply hairspray to a tiny patch of hair, such as the stray hairs around your face. Apply some hairspray on a toothbrush (obviously not the one you use to wash your teeth), then softly brush the areas you wish to smooth out.

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